Hospital Tour and Prairie Creek Park

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Today was an excellent day. Happy Birthday to Michael and Happy Three King's Day (Epiphany).The weather this weekend was ridiculously fabulous!

We had the hospital tour today and it made everything so real. Petunia kicked and moved during the entire tour and I wondered if she was aware of all of the other babies in-utero near her. After the tour, I asked my sister if she would be in the L&D room with me. I'm allowed two people, and of course, my beloved would be there. My sister is so very encouraging and positive and I know she'll be a wonderful support person for both Don and I. I know with her there, I'll be able to really get through it and stay focused. I got a little emotional thinking about it and when I asked her and I had to breathe through the happy/anxious tears. Afterwards, Don and I had a date at Abuelo's. I couldn't stop shaking. I had so much nervous energy, but it really is a good thing!

Then, I came home and friends came over. Jason helped Don move some dirt in the backyard and Jeev, Ada, and Camille and I headed over to Prairie Creek Park in Richardson to take some pictures. I wanted a trial maternity session run, but then it hit me that I probably won't have time to take these pictures again before Mari comes, so I'm glad that we did it! Here are some favorites:

We had a whole lot of fun running around and being silly. I got some other great shots of the friends, but I didn't want to post them before they got to see them. Many, many thanks to Ada for taking my pictures. I love them! I can't wait to print some off and put them in my photo album. (Yeah, you know you like my super balancing preggo skills. Yoga works!)
I have more to talk about, but I wanted to get this in tonight before bed. Have a great night and a great week! Best of luck to all the teachers who are going back to school tomorrow! Hooray! It's the 2nd half of the year. You can do it.

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