Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Guess what, guess what? I was picked to review the new Norah Jones album ....Featuring! Yep, that means that I get a free copy of the new album to listen and critique before it hits the stores and that means that I get to tell all of you how awesome it is. And because I adore all 17 of you who are followers (and you lurkers who read via facebook), I wanted to share a snippet of the album. Check out the video below:

Now doesn't that have you all sorts of excited? Well, it does me and just hearing those little sound bites has me salivating, especially on a rainy night like we've been having. Oooh, how I love to listen the Norah while cooking or baking. I especially love having her on in the background while I'm on the couch, all cozied up with my Snuggie, while the fire blazes, and I read a good book, or just stare off into the fire.That's good stuff right there.

*I was selected by one2one network to review the new Norah Jones album. I did not receive any compensation, other than a copy of the CD to write up the review.

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