2010 Family Photo

Sunday, November 28, 2010

This year we gathered together for Thanksgiving with my family like we have done for the past five years. Something new that we started last year was to take a more "formal" family portrait to have. This year, since we were in Lubbock, we opted to have Don and I take the photos. I mean c'mon. We we take other family's photos, we should take our own. However, it was a little tricky because we didn't bring the tripod and it was naptime for a certain Sugarbean. Besides, we all know that we take our Christmas photo by our fireplace WITH Guapo and because we had other sessions after ours, we had to leave him at home. Not to worry, though, we got some great shots of everyone else in the family and I wanted to share with all of you!

Here's a photo of me in action:
Don was doing his very best to blind my sister and her family with our reflectors. LOL! Next up, while I was testing out the light, I caught this awesome one of Brother. His shades are pretty snazzy, 'eh? Plus, you have to love that self-portrait I took. If you look really close, you will see Mom and Daddy by the tree.

Anyway, even with the out-of-control reflectors and the poor spot I chose for the portrait (hindsight), I caught this beauty of sister with her kiddos. It blows my mind how big they are getting!

Also, if you know my Brother, you know he is quite the joker.
This is his amazingly beautiful gal, Melissa. Isn't she just simply gorgeous?

Not to leave them out, here is a photo of Brother and Melissa together. I have a bajillion of them, but this was the one that I have immediately ready:

This photo is by far one of my favorites that I have ever taken of my folks:
Happy Holidays from our family to yours!

With love ♥,
Melissa, Brother, Momma, Daddy, Zeni, Sam, Ian, Me, Tesla, Mari, and Don


Unknown said...

Great pictures. It looks like ya'll had alot of fun. I tried to take our family photos this weekend with our tripod and remote....all I have to say is "I wish you lived in Austin so you could take our pictures."

The Steinman Squad said...

Terrific pictures of a beautiful family!

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