Christmas, Christmas Time is Here....

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Don and I didn't want to inundate our child with unnecessary gifts and get caught up in the commercialism that is modern Christmas. However, because she is a little one (and I remember what it was like to believe in Christmas magic), I didn't want to take that away from her. Not so long ago I asked her what she wanted for Christmas and she told me, "Taco Bell and a Pink Dress." Well, she has since dropped the Taco Bell part and has consistently asked for a pink dress. I haven't yet found the "perfect" pink dress, but I did order this lovely frock for an upcoming holiday party.

I do love the amazing sequins and removable jacket. Best of all, it is washable. Here's to hoping it is every bit as good as I want it to be.

Also, when we were out and about shopping for some shoes for Don about a month ago, she fell in love with this Melissa & Doug grilling set. She was happily playing with it and when we left, she insisted on putting all of the pieces back together where she found them. I found a decent price for it on Amazon and ordered it! I do like the wooden toys that they make and putting the food on the skewers definitely practices her "threading" skills.
While I was out on ol' Amazon, I went ahead and bought her some fridge food to fill her tiny fridge in her play kitchen. I know she's going to go bananas over it!
Finally, I have had my eye on this Branford Limited Dollhouse offered by OneStepAhead since last year, but I can't stomach the price tag. I loved my two dollhouses growing up, but I distinctly remember finding one in the alley and the other was found at a garage sale. I would like to have one to give her soon, so she can have a "home" for all of her Barbies (while she still likes to play with them!). Instead, thanks to another mom, I happened upon these amazing instructions for making one out of a bookshelf! We'll see. This might very well be reserved for a birthday present.

Speaking of which, I did score this amazing balance bike for less than $50 off of Zulily! Membership is free and you get access to great deals!
Ok, I wasn't done just yet. Zulily made me think of Tesla. Yes, I bought some gifts for the next baby girl, even though she isn't out of the womb. Granted, these "gifts" are more for us, but still. First up, I bought two Charlie Banana diapers: one aqua and one black. They were on good sale at Zulily, so I picked them up. I was seriously kicking myself for not being able to get the purple or green ones! I also picked up a Pura stainless steel water bottle/sippy cup. The bundle included the water bottle, lid, silicone nipples, and toddler sippy top (both infant bottle & toddler bottle in one). We loved the glass bottles we used with Mari, but we only had two, and one of them was broken (ok, ok, I broke it!), so we were down to just one. We still have the old plastic ones that are BPA free, but I like the idea of stainless steel for her water, for some reason. Plus, it will grow with her as she gets older. She will have her own bottle, Mari will have hers, I will have mine, Don will have his, and Guapo will have his. I can already picture all of our water containers on long bike rides. :)

What are the top items you guys are giving this year for your kids? Did you all take advantage of the Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals?

Soon, I'll discuss what we are going to get for ourselves and what we will be giving this year too!

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The Steinman Squad said...

You are so on top of things. We have a list, our budget and hopes to hit some stores Friday while the girls are in school and I'm off work. Fingers crossed we find everything. :D

On the dollhouse - let Rog know if you need anything. I'm sure he'd be happy to help. He made a totally rockin' doll house for the girls last Christmas just from a picture in a catalog so I'm certain he could help out.

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