Happy Halloween

Sunday, October 31, 2010


Can you tell by my jack-o'-lantern that I'm more about the jolly Halloween instead of the scary? Anyway, today was a busy day. Mari let us sleep in past 9:30 and when she got up, we made some breakfast: banana pancakes, scrambled eggs with broccoli, and yogurt. Then, we went to Whole Earth Provisions to pick up a new pair of shoes for Don. While there, Mari fell in love with the Melissa and Doug wooden grilling set. She also had fun petting the stuffed lion, giraffe, and dogs. I think the giraffe was her favorite though, because she kept wanting to give it a hug.

Anyway, we came home and let her nap, while I got ready for church. I am a sponsor for a candidate for the Catholic church. This afternoon, we celebrated the mass that officially welcomed her to our faith. She received her first communion and her confirmation. Honestly, I had tears of joy running down my face and a big beaming smile as she was anointed with the oil. It felt so good to have my right hand on her right shoulder, showing my support for her. Very cool!

At the reception, we munched on finger sandwiches, fruit, and desserts. Unfortunately, while we had just sat down, Mari looked over to me and said, my tummy hurts. Then she made a couple of hacking sounds and got sick in one of the plates that I was later thankful I covered with a napkin. It wasn't a whole lot, but I knew she wasn't feeling 100%. We got home and she wasn't in the door for two minutes before she was projectile vomiting. Poor thing, you're not supposed to be sick on holidays! Afterwards, she looked up and me and said, "I'm ok. Let's go trick-or-treating!" I figured, maybe it was just one of those passing things, so we let her go.

We covered the length of the street and once we got to the end, she was insistent on being carried. We made it home and again, she was sick. We gave her some water and she asked for some gummi bears. Well, she ate two and handed them back over. If you know Mari, you know she loves all things gummi! This was a surprise. I took her temperature, and she didn't have one. But then she did hold up the sick bucket to her mouth again and immediately got sick some more. Poor dear doesn't have anything in her belly to get sick. I don't know what is going on, but it is looking to be a long night.

Other than this, we had such a wonderful weekend. Last night, we were witness to the first Rangers win of the World Series. Before that, we ventured out to the FC Dallas Game, where they won their playoff game 2-1. It was very exciting and once again, I was happy to have purchased the noise cancelling headphones for Mari.
After the game, we lingered a bit so we could say hello to Mari's favorite soccer player, Ugo Ihemelu. We took a photo of them, but she was immediately shy. He was so nice to happily pose with her. :)
Hope you all had a safe Halloween!

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