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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Well, this should really be titled frugal nails or something like that, but it could totally fall in line with being girlie. Anyway, I LOOOOOVE manicures, even more than that, I adore pedicures. I've been hoarding a gift certificate I received back in June (for my birthday) for an in-case-of-emergency pedicure and I fully plan on using it around the holidays.

Anyway, speaking of the holidays, I have budgeted the extra money I had to go towards gifts. This year we are going to attempt to home make some amazingness involving cannning, yarn, maybe some paper, and fabric. Oodles of goodies and good intentions, let me tell you. We'll see how it goes. All that to say that I won't have the extra $$$ to spend on pampering. Not to worry because I have a pretty amazing foot spa, awesome scrubs, and Don doesn't mind giving foot rubs. Why do I need to go to a smelly salon filled with chemicals, right? Well, because I like it and it makes me feel va-va-voom, but I digress. This is about at-home foot spa. I few years ago I mentioned Zoya nail polish when preparing for Mari. I should always be vigilant of extra chemicals and such, but I'll be honest, in the spur of the moment, I don't always check the nail polish label.

Zoya is having a buy one get one free promotion until tomorrow. You can get up to 5 free nail polishes that are vegan friendly and don't have any of those nasty -enes, or phthlates. This was awesome because I have seen the polishes for upwards of $8 - $9 a bottle. Not bad, but not great. Not bad because I have never gone through a bottle of nail polish before it has expired....EVER. Maybe a cheap clear coat, but that was because I spilled half of it and I used the other half to "seal" things before I discovered that they made a paint that did the same thing. yeah...

So get on with it already, Bianca. Ok, ok, sheesh! I think I need a cookie. Oh right, nail polishes. I splurged and bought a base coat which was not a part of the BOGO promotion, but whatever. I felt that it was the initial layer for the polish and that MUST not have the harsh chemicals, right? I also scored 4 colors for the cost of 2!! Yee-haw! I was happy I didn't have to pay tax, but I did have to pay for shipping. blech, I hate having to pay for shipping, dangit! (free shipping on orders for $55 and free gifts starting at orders over $30. I totally should have seen if anyone else wanted to share an order. My bad!)

Here are the lovely colors I have chosen:

Bailey - Bailey can be best described as: Light neutral pink sheer base with cool pink duochrome shimmer and sparkling silver microglitter. Not your average sheer pink- Bailey is spiked with girly glamour!

I selected this color for Mari. She is still little and delicate, but does enjoy wearing polish and of course, all things pink. I hope this one is as good as it seems! It had high ratings from the users and because of what they had to say, I was sold. I like that it is described as sheer and not a matte. I prefer the sheers on her toes instead of the mattes. The mattes are fun, but the sheers are definitely more delicate!

Kelly - Kelly can be best described as: A rich gray shade with soft purple and blue undertones. An easy to wear alternative to black and a perfect NEW neutral. 

I chose this color for me and if Mari wants to wear a purple, this one is fun enough without being too vamp and bold. I have been searching for this color for a couple of years and based on the reviews, it will not disappoint. I didn't notice it, but my wardrobe doesn't just consist of blacks, but purples and grays too (well, my maternity wardrobe). I think this will go quite well with those.

Dominique - Dominique can be best described as: Very bold medium orange-toned brick red creme. Not a subtle color by any means, this vampy red is ultra-provocative!

This is mama's nail polish. No really, this nail polish reminds me of the dramatic reds my mom used to wear on her nails when I was Mari's age. As long as I can remember, Mom has always had a fascination for wearing red and if you know my Mom, you know it fits her personality. Me, I like wearing red in her honor and also because it makes me feel extra fancy! I have high hopes for this one, but it may not make many appearances this year. Only on extra special occasions, like when I do the laundry. ha ha!

Bianca - Bianca can be best described as: Soft dark mauve creme with strong cool red and pink tones. A classic shade for a distinguished ladylike look. 

Really, really? No you didn't just buy a nail polish with your name on it. Um, yes I did. And honestly, that was a big factor why I purchased it. That and I was looking for an awesome mauve to wear in the Spring/Summer, and I think this one is it. But yeah, I was totally sold on the name. They even had a Renee! I was very near purchasing that one when I realized, that no, I probably wouldn't ever wear that color, but not to say it wouldn't make an amazing gift!

Go on out there and check out their nail polishes and take advantage of the BOGO offer before it ends tomorrow. Code is BOGO5 at checkout! Enjoy and what are some of your favorite shades and brands? Any that are toddler-friendly?

Oh and the cost of everything, (including the shipping) was less than what I spend on a pedicure, so hooray! Looks like Mari and I will be playing beauty shop soon enough!

**I was not compensated in any way for this review or advertisement of the product. I just like their product and wanted to share it with all of you.**

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Jacki said...

I love that purple-gray color, it's my fav and I'm really into grays and purples (esp aubergine shades) right now!

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