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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

20 weeks, my, my, my where has the time flown by?? Seriously? Insanity. Today, I had a doctor appointment and I forgot that this is the one with the big sonogram. Last month, when we did a quick look, the sonographer noticed a bit of a calcification around the heart. She assured me to not worry about it and that in most cases it would have disappeared at 30 weeks. At 18 weeks along, that sure did seem like a lifetime away. Of course, being who I am, I started to obsess a bit too much until I reached out for some prayers. Fast forward two weeks and no trace of any calcification build up whatsoever. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the prayers and positive thoughts!!!

On with the update already woman, we don't have all day. Ok, ok, ok...sheesh. You guys are about as patient as Mari is when we tell her we're giving her mac and cheese for dinner and she turns into a mini Veruca Salt. Whoa!

2 arms, 2 legs, 5 fingers on the left hand, couldn't make sense of the right one (it was tucked under her head), 2 ears, a healthy brain, stomach, kidneys, 4 chambers in the very healthy heart, long feet and legs, and very expressive hands just like her sister. She weighs about 14 ozs (eeek!) and I feel her from the top of my belly to the lowest part of my abdomen. She was moving, but slowly, patiently and really laid back...just like her daddy. :) She yawned, just like she has the other times. Ahhh..such a hard life in there!  When she was bored, she curled into me and started to suck on her thumb. Adorable. Can you tell that I've fallen in love all over again? As for me, I'm nearing the 200lb mark (omg, really?!?!), but my BP is holding strong at 108/68.

Thank you again for the prayers and well wishes! Only two more monthly visits, then I drink the sugar drink and then visits are upped to twice a month. Insanity!

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