November 20: National Adoption Day & Adopted Ed Book Review

Saturday, November 20, 2010

I was given the opportunity to do a book review for Adopted Ed by the One2One Network. First off, I thoroughly love books that rhyme and are like one long poem. This books cadence is an easy read, very much like many of the Dr. Seuss books. Next up, are the illustrations. Oh my, the colors on the pages simply pop. It is truly beautiful. The faces of the each character are very welcoming and age appropriate. I also liked how Ed had stars on his bedspread, and later he had a star on his shirt. I'm not sure if that was on purpose or not, but it really helped to bring the story together. Another thing, I loved that the illustrated versions of his adopted parents and friends were indicative of a myriad of cultures and backgrounds. This warmed my heart.

The story is simple, "I'm adopted. I'm special." I am not adopted, but the thought has definitely crossed my mind. I grew up only knowing a handful of adopted people, but each one I met lived ordinary lives, just like the rest of us, but each one was also extraordinary. Adoption is a completely different type of love. My favorite line in the book, "With her special Mom wisdom, in her simple Mom way,..." Honestly, if I've have ever been at a loss for words, it is when I need the strongest words to help and teach my daughter. Somehow, I find them with some wisdom I never knew I really possessed and it is always simple enough for my daughter to understand. (That's God's grace.)

This book isn't at all biblical and I think it is a great resource for adopted parents or for children to help them better understand and appreciated adoption. Most important, I think this book has a wonderful message of acceptance of others and tolerance of others who may be different. "Life is to be enjoyed, whether you're young or you're old. It matters not the cloth we're cut from or even the mold." So poignant and so very true!

I would highly recommend Adopted Ed to anyone. If you are curious to learn more about the author and his story, you can find out more here.

**I was selected to be a reviewer of the book Adopted Ed from the One2One Network. I was not paid for this blog post. I only received a copy of the book to review. Receiving the book did not in any way influence my review, I just merely received the copy.**

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Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful book that speaks intelligently - yet simply - about some of the struggles that kids today experience (bullying). Through the eyes of little Eddie, we feel his pain when he is teased, and also feel his triumph when his mom, “in her simple mom way,” advises him on how to deal w/ the situation. It’s so perfectly told and teaches us all valuable lessons of tolerance and acceptance. The illustrations are also so poignantly drawn that you can sense each character’s emotion. This book is for everybody: young and old; adopted or not. It is a must-read!!

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