HDMR: Megamind & The Walking Dead

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Yes, yes, yes! Another HDMR!! Bianca, are you going to make this a regular thing again? Well, I'm not exactly sure since we haven't really gone to see many movies while they are still in the theater, but if I do have a rental that I feel the need to comment on, then I might try.

Mari had been looking forward to this. Every time she saw the blue head advertised on television, she would immediately holler, "Megamind! Megamind! Megamind!" After sufficiently freaking out about advertising and the effects it had on my child, I decided to so dome research since, after all, we do seem to like many of "her" movies. (Seriously, we can't seem to get enough of Monsters v. Aliens!) Honestly, we hadn't planned on seeing this one in the theater. Because of the guests we had coming in to visit us, we REALLY wanted to go see Due Date, but we seemed to have misplaced Mari's iTouch (we were going to let her watch one of "her" movies with headphones while we went to see ours) and we had heard wonderful things about this movie. I read a quick snippet of how hysterical some of the references were, so we figured, 'eh, why not. Lucky for us, priMo and A did not mind one bit going to see this movie. We loaded up and headed out for Studio Movie Grill. I indulged in a vanilla shake with Oreos, mushroom sausage pizza, and a couple of sweet potato fries. Mari nibbled on some pizza and a couple of corn dog bites. Don was good and had a salad with vinaigrette on the side.

Oh yeah, the movie review...we really liked it. We didn't love it, but we certainly liked it. And you know what, I've not-so-secretly wanted to be blue, so I was even more appreciative of Megamind. Plus, the Minion character was a hoot! I loved the strong leading lady role, Roxanne Ritchi! She was marvelous! However, Tighten (Jonah Hill) was annoying, but I think that was the point of that character. Mari liked the movie. There were times where Don and I were laughing and she shushed us, telling us that it was not funny. For a kid, it probably wasn't funny, but for us, the inside joke relating to some super heroes (and famous characters) of our childhood was funny. I think I also liked this flick because there was a bit of a love story and I'm always a champion for the underdog! If you want some good family fun, feel free to take your kiddo out to this movie. It will not disappoint.  

The Walking Dead
Those of you not aware, this is a zombie TV show. I mean right, with the vampire hoopla, we were bound to start having zombie hysteria too, right? It was this year that I started watching True Blood not knowing if I would like it or think it was hokey, but you know what. I actually enjoyed it quite a bit, so my mind was open to watching The Walking Dead. Let it be known that I don't like zombies. I don't like zombie movies. They give me the creeps and seriously, it took a lot for me to muster up enough courage to watch Zombieland, even though people told me it was more of a comedy instead of a horror film. Fast forward, and AMC created this series called The Walking Dead. Two things: 1. I have great respect and admiration for AMC, especially because of Mad Men. 2. I love Don with all my heart, soul, and being, and he likes zombies, and his excitement for this show led me to suck it up and just deal. We missed the first showing because the sugarbean was still awake at the time it premiered, and we really didn't think this was something she should be watching. (yes, we do have limits!) Each day during the week, we'd click through the On Demand section on our cable, giddily anticipating the first show to be watched. No such luck. Don stayed up late and used his "extra" hour to watch it when they replayed it at 2AM. We later learned that they had it online for him to watch. Who knew? We certainly didn't.

There we were, Sunday night, waiting for the show and I sat there with Snuggie nearby, while all of the lights within sight were clicked on. My heart raced and I sat through the show. It was almost painless. There were a couple of times where I sat in utter suspense, heart racing, and I found myself attached to the characters. This is a good show and yes, at times heart wrenching. I'm curious to see what happens and learn more about it. I don't feel like I'm as much of a chicken. Who knew that watching a zombie TV show would make me feel braver. ha ha!

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