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Monday, November 15, 2010

I know you all have been on pins and needles awaiting my review of the new Norah Jones album, especially since I first mentioned it here. I've been listening to the album for the better part of a week. I've listened to it in the car. I have listened to it while cooking. I have listened to it on my headphones while working. I have even listened to it while blogging!

First up, there are some very classic Norah Jones sounding mixes. There are some newer types of songs that she has experimented with and that was quite a refreshing surprise! It is released on November 16th and to order your copy through Amazon, click here.

Overall, I enjoyed this album. I completely and totally enjoyed all parts of it. There are so many different sounding songs and this made me appreciate all of the different collaborations that much more. Some songs sounded better in a different environment, but overall, it is a good and easy listen! I broke down what I thought of each song below:

Love Me is a familiar song, one in which she has sang with the Little Willies. Virginia Moon didn't grab me immediately. But then I shut my eyes and pretended I was seaside enjoying dinner with my husband and well, I swore I could feel the tender summer breeze on my face. Turn Them with Sean Bones didn't immediately jump out at me. Honestly, the song passed so quickly, I often missed it. Baby It's Cold Outside with Willie Nelson was by far my biggest disappointment. It isn't a bad song, but I really do enjoy this song. Surprising, I really enjoyed the Zooey Deschanel and Will Ferrell duet in Elf. This didn't pack quite the same punch as that version.

Bull Rider with Sasha Dobson is a fun tune that had me tapping my foot along to the beat. I love how she fully pulls the notes out of BuuuuulllRiiiiderrrrr. That's like melted butta! Ruler of My Heart sounds like a familiar Norah Jones song with the back up of the Dirty Dozen Brass Band. The Best Part is an ethereal sounding melody that is so sensual, so tantalizing, I feel a bit naughty after hearing it.

Then we have my favorite bunch of the album. Why a bunch? Well, because the next three songs fit so perfectly, so wonderfully, that I thoroughly dug on all three of these songs on their own. First up is one of my favorites, Take Off Your Cool with Outkast. It is so cool, so sassy, so very much Outkast. I dug it and had it on repeat for a bit there. Followed by Life is Better with Q-Tip, is a funky, groove sound that had me bobbing my head. Then Soon the New Day with Talib Kweli, was another smoothly funky sound. It was like warm caramel for my soul.

Little Lou, Prophet Jack, Ugly John with Bell & Sebastian brings it down and takes it all a bit slow. This is the perfect song to listen to when traveling down a country road on a rainy day. Very chill.
Here We Go Again with Ray Charles has me missing ol' Ray. His voice is so comforting. And then, hers coupled with him. Wow, that's just some good stuff. Loretta with Gillian Welch and David Rawlings makes me think of an older country song when it was more harmonious and it told a story. It took me back to the songs my dad liked. Dear John with Ryan Adams stabs me in the heart. The melancholy tune, the sadness in the voices, powerful.

Followed by the upbeat and cheery Creepin' In with Dolly Parton is just what you need after the emotional drain. Court & Spark with Herbie Hancock is a largely instrumental piece that showcases her piano talents.More than This with Charlie Hunter is another breathy song with the typical sounding Norah, where she carries the notes with a smoothness that is all her own. Blue Bayou with M. Ward is a familiar M. Ward song. This isn't a bad thing. I like M. Ward. I found myself wanting to hear more of his voice instead of hers, but I still enjoyed it, just not as much as some of the others. I would have preferred to end the album on a different tune.

At a glance, while skimming over all of the collaborators, you will immediately notice that there is definitely something for everyone. I would recommend this album, especially if you are a Norah Jones fan! If you want to have a listen to some samples for yourself, check out the Amazon Music Sampler. But if you are sold and want your own copy, click here to order on Amazon. I don't think you will be disappointed. :)

*I was selected by one2one network to review the new Norah Jones album. I did not receive any compensation, other than a copy of the CD to write up the review. Thank you One2One.

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