NYC: The Four Seasons & The Reader

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tuesday night, the entire team was going to get together to take me out. Originally slated for Monday, the storm rearranged the initial plans. When it came to things that afternoon, well, once again plans changed. Lucky for me, Kate and Gen were still available and we decided a round of drinks was in order to celebrate the launch. We set off to an Italian place that both Gen and Kate assured me would be very relaxing, comfortable, and great for conversation. Unfortunately, when we approached it, we discovered it completely empty, save a few reminders of the proud restaurant that occupied the space. Unaware of any other options, we asked a stranger passing by who directed us to the Four Seasons. We’d heard it was a wonderful place for a happy hour and it was just that, except for the prices! Eeeek! We were all a bit taken back when the bill arrived, but it was ok. We shared a lot of laughs and as I walked back to the hotel, I opted to grab a quick meal of gnocchi to-go. and a small bottle of Coke, but was disappointed to discover that it was sweetened with HFCS and not sugar cane. Bleh!
The gnocci was delicious! Then again, I've come to expect that level of consistency from Serafina.

I rented The Reader and was thoroughly impressed! Kate Winslet is beautiful and amazing and well, I say if you haven’t seen it, you should. Be forewarned, it is very sultry and provocative.

This was the night I also learned that my time in NYC would be extended through Friday. Even though I'd packed already, I didn't have the energy to go and unpack all of my things. Instead, I just pulled out the luggage holders and balanced my open suitcases on them.

(BTW, I have to say that Hazel, who comes up at night for the evening turndown service is so sweet and nice. I loved her. Finally, she got my name right by calling me Meece Bianca instead of Meece Blanca.)

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Kandice said...

I LOVED The Reader too. I went and saw it by myself and it was a perfect choice of movie! Loving the NY posts!

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