National Corndog Day!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

A few years ago, I'd heard of National Corndog day, but never actually attended a party. Our dear friends hosted a party and challenged us to 10 trifecta: 10 corndogs, 10 servings of 10 tots, and 10 beers. My goal was to eat at least 5 corndogs, thus making myself sick in the process. :) I don't drink beer, so I couldn't get to that point, but I know I could have at least 20 tots. Today was a day for gluttony and I did my best to comply (and I wonder why I can't drop those 20 pounds, ha ha ha!!!)

Here's my tray. We even had these sweet scorecards that looked like a mini baseball or golf score card. I managed to eat 5 corndogs and 40 tots and 1 vodka cran. If I'd'a had tequila, I could've maybe managed 4 shots. ;) I was very nearly ready to do 10 shots of beer, but I know that wouldn't have counted. Oh well, maybe next year I'll work my way up to one beer.
Don is holding Mari waiting for the next batch of corndogs and tots. Did I mention these were chicken corndogs made with all natural ingredients? No wonder I loved 'em. They tasted just like corndogs from the cafeteria in Elementary school! Oh, and Don managed to eat 7 corndogs, eat 70 tots, and drink 7 beers. If we wouldn't have gone to the BBQ AFTER this party and loaded ourselves up on some more yummy goodness (yes, I said we were gluttonous!), he would've hit that 10, 10, 10!
Our beautiful hostesses wishing us well when we were packing up to go to party number 2. Thanks for a great party!

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