Quitting the Board on the HOA

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Every few months or so, I assess my life and everything surrounding it. Things that aren't encouraging me or helping me to grow, I make the decision to cut out. Today, I'm trimming some fat.

Last year, I volunteered to be on the board of our HOA.

Initially, it was fun and thrilling. I enjoyed being a part of the organization, but I didn't see where 1.) I was adding value to the organization AND/OR
2.) it was adding value to my life.

I decided to stay on to maintain the website, but after a year of service, I think my time in the realm of HOA board member is coming to a close. Lesson learned: Don't immediately jump up and speak without first understanding how your question will impact the next year of your life.

1 comment:

Don said...

I think it is a brilliant idea "beyonca" =) Te Amo!

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