Cupcakes, Mooyah, and Mari

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

This is what I made last night while it rained. I wanted something happy and I wanted to share the happies. Yellow cake with chocolate fudge frosting. YUM! Jenna, one of these has your name on it if you want it!
This was our dinner last night. Pork tenderloin with sauteed mushrooms, steamed carrots, and sweet potato fries. That pork was FABULOUS!!

This past weekend, to welcome me home, we ventured out to Mooyah. Ahhh...I finally grabbed a photo of it. Julie, did you like it?? Please tell me you did!
And you need some Marisabelle cuteness, right? Don'tya love her little ponytail on her head? I can't believe her hair is that long. BTW, she got this onesie as a birthday gift and I love it!! It is a rich navy blue color with a bright green and red design on the front.
Here she is after bath time. This is how I get her ponytail to stay put. I pull it back while it is still wet. So far she leaves it alone and doesn't yank on it. Next week I'll try doing the pig tails, but her hair is getting so long that she needs it pulled back. Oh, and don't you LOVE the monkey jammies? They say, "I'm not tired." on the front. ha ha ha!! It's so true some nights!
Now you have your photo fix for a bit. Time for bed. Good night!


Anonymous said...

GOSH. That baby of yours has the cutest little face...her cheeks looks so squishable and her eyes are GORGEOUS!

And I am so down for a cupcake. I'll see you in a few.

The Potts Family said...

I still haven't tried Mooyah!!! The one day I was going to go something inevitably happened en route and I had to skip it.
We'll just have to make a Mooyah date soon!
Mari is so cute. That's a good idea about doing the ponytail while the hair is still wet. I've given up on Braelyn's hair. She just refuses to let me do anything with her hair!

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