When the Sugarbean Discovers Dandies

Thursday, March 26, 2009

My grandmother sewed most of my clothes when I was little. She used to make my skirts extra wide because she knew how much I loved twirling around in a circle, creating this huge billow of fabric that would shield my tiny legs like a magical textile force field.

I'm a girly-girl at the core, but seldom do I allow that part of me to surface. I'm learning that more and more is coming out through my daughter. She's my real life, dress-up baby. I'd spend hours grooming my baby dolls, combing their hair, designing clothes for them and such. As with my baby dolls, I find myself doing the same for my Marisabelle Juliana; only, she didn't come from the Cabbage Patch, she was born out of love, a gift from God, a dream (a wish my heart made) come true. I'm rediscovering all of those simple pleasures in life all over again.

Putting on a few yards of colorful tulle transforms you into an explorer fairy. A quick breeze always surprises!

Dancing through the moist grass discovering berries and rocks and twigs, nothing too small to not be important.
And beautiful, fuzzy flowers that wondrously disappear into the wind when you blow.
You treasure dandelions for the wishes they would grant, not the "weeds" they'd become. Holding steadfast and tight, blowing with a mighty breath, you knew in your tiny heart of hearts that wishes DID come true.
I know mine have. "A man who knows how to make a paper hat." "A healthy child of my very own."
Cheers to wishes, and dreams, and happily ever after!

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Jeev said...

You know she is going to hate you for making her do this, when her high school friends read the blog!

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