NYC: Persephone

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Being that I was in the city for another few nights, I set off to replenish my wardrobe. I was happy that I brought an extra outfit, but nothing I’d brought seemed fitting for my final training session. I picked up a few things, and walked back to my hotel. I nearly at at a Chinese Noodle shop, when another gem caught my eye. Persephone, the goddess of fertility, I opted to go in.

Initially, I was unsure simply because they had no visible menu posted to the outside. I invited myself in, and I certainly was a sight in my up-to-the knee rainboots, zebra printed fleece liners, rain-trench, and shopping sacks. I looked like a certifiable bag lady.

It was no wonder that the hostess greeted me with a surprised look. The gentleman sitting next to her seemed unamused, with an unabashedly blank look to his face. A looming uncomfortable pause, prompted me to clear my throat and politely, yet meekly, ask them if they were in fact a restaurant. There were tables around me, and a few of the people we eating, but for all I knew, I could’ve been an exclusive club. She nodded her head. “So, can I be seated??” Another nod, and there she remained firmly planted. I gather my “WTF” look prompted her to move, so I just told her that I wanted to place an order to-go. I just didn’t want to deal with the OMG-poor-gal-is-sitting-alone-and-I-wonder-why look. I tugged the menu from her clutch, and plopped at the bar. I passively ordered the quail with vegetable orzo, and a quick Goose and cran cocktail. I needed to take off some kind of an edge.

After waiting for a few minutes in silent, just moments after I’d sucked the remaining bits of my unwind-juice, my meal arrived. I hurriedly paid, and set off for the room. When I got there, I peeled off the many layers, threw on my jimmies and proceeded to enjoy a succulent dinner. I was unsure what to expect, but boy was it yummy and filling.

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