Nasal Saline Flush...warning

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ok, so last night, I felt adventurous enough to go out and try a sinus wash. I'd heard from several people the wonderful accounts of the neti pot. I remember doing something similar when I was younger and I wasn't a fan, but I figured, 'eh, why not. Maybe things have changed right?

I've been extra sneezy and congested for the past week and I didn't see signs of it getting better. Only worse, actually, since my lymph nodes and ears were really starting to hurt. I went out and bought something similar to the NeilMed Sinus Rinse. After flossing and brushing (which is really starting to be a regular thing and my teeth are much happier for it...the flossing thing, that is, but flossing my front teeth when I'm super congested like I have been triggers a sneeze response from me. weird!), I filled my little bottle up and gave myself a pep talk. I assured myself enough to remain calm and I had great faith that the solution wouldn't burn my nostrils. Why? Because the packaging said it wouldn't burn my nostrils and I believe what boxes tell me, otherwise, they get a letter!

I'd watched the video several times earlier in the day, and read the instructions twice. I knew how to work it, so now it was just semantics. I leaned over the sink and breathed in slowly. I gently put the end in my nose and here is when I started to get nervous. (and here is where you should stop reading if you don't want to get grossed out!) I slightly opened my mouth and started breathing out of my nose. I gently squeezed the bottle and felt my nasal cavities filling with the solution. I exhaled heavily and let gravity pull the water out. It was going ok until I ran out of squeeze room in the bottle, so I let it subside and squeeze a little too hard. This time, I started choking, my eyes burned a little and a waterfall of snot and saline water poured out of my nostrils! I dropped the bottle and leaned over the sink coughing. My eyes watering from coughing so hard and the slight sting from the solution. Don chuckled, Mari started at me like I was crazy. And all I could think of was those many, many times I'd gotten sick in someone else's presence and was embarrassed. But wait....

I COULD BREATHE!!! Clearly and completely I inhaled and felt the air penetrate and it felt AMAZING!!!

I slept soundly that night, well, mostly. But when I awoke in the morning, despite being able to breathe, there was this incredible sinus pressure in my head. The minute I stood up, the congestion started again. I blew and blew my nose, but to no avail. So I busted out the nasal cleanse again, insistent that I would not let this thing conquer me! I'd dominate it. Another pep talk later and we had a similar occurence, just not on the same scale. Oh well, I was able to breathe and I have been able to do just that all day long. Unfortunately, the sinus pressure has been building again, so looks like I'll be using my handy dandy new tool twice a day.

Now I'm wishing I had a travel size! ha ha!

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Anonymous said...

You're a rockstar. In fact, you may be my sinus wash idol. Look at you being all rational and calm...

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