13 Month Cuteness

Saturday, March 7, 2009

My favorite month!!

  • One of the many things you love doing is crawling into your brother's cage to hang out with him. Luckily, he tolerates it and loves you for throwing your food
You love feeding yourself and exploring new foods. You're not a fan of pork or shrimp, but you like scallops and chicken! Mac and cheese is one of your favorites.
You now have 6 teeth and lots of hair. You give high five frequently. You love clapping. You're a smiling maniac and your little laugh is infectious! You're starting to resemble me more and more and I love it!! You say Xie Xie for thank you, sign for more, Bapo is Guapo, Dada is daddy, papa is food. You're so very independent and there are signs that you'll be a spirited child. As if I expected anything else.
And every day we have to remind ourselves that you're still growing and learning and have a long way to go! We love the art you make us every month! Love you sugar bean!

1 comment:

Jeev said...

hahaha I don't think Guapo appreciates her invading his space :) He is probably cussing her out in doggie language.

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