Historic Downtown McKinney

Monday, March 23, 2009

I went on a walking tour with my buddy Matt in Historic McKinney and grabbed these shots. All were 100% manual settings (and SOOC) and I'm starting to feel more and more comfortable with it. I've seen several places where people use everyday objects for letters and use the black and white photos to make a name. Here's Mari's with elements all from my walking tour. I have another for my last name. It was so much fun scavengering around for the letters!
I LOVED this little coffee shop. Anyone want to meet me out there sometime for coffee and to be my model? Let me know if you are interested!
Here's the old prison. I knew someone who got married here several years ago. This place is now a CPA firm instead of the bookshop it was back then.
Here's the corner of the street. Modern and historic in one shot.
I loved this light. Such fun and fanciful, I want some for my very own!
This sign made me want a Dublin Dr. Pepper!

These stairs had so many character to them. I wondered what kinds of secrets they could expose.

I loved this little courtyard area. There was a private property sign posted, but we ignored it. We weren't trying to wreak havoc, just grab some cool shots. This reminded me of a secret garden.

And of course I couldn't have a session without my sugarbean in it. She was a trooper and hung out on my back until we hit the coffee shop at the end. I love babywearing!


The Steinman Squad said...

Anytime you want a model I'm in and so are the girls! You take GREAT pictures.

chae said...

Love your photos! When can I be your model?

Kandice said...

I love that place. That secret garden rocks! Never found that before.

Danika said...

Ummm, I will be back in D-town in June! I will definately be your model! I love it when you take pics of me!

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