Sick Wee One

Sunday, March 22, 2009

That ear infection grew and I swear it became more powerful because of the vaccines. For medical professionals, that may very well be preposterous, but still. It was due to the vaccines that we opted to hold off on getting her antibiotic prescription on Friday. We wanted to give the vaccine to set in. On Saturday, our busy day could've contributed to it, but I'm not certain. In any case, this is our darling daughter sleeping off her fever that spiked as high as 103.3!! We went Acute Kids Urgent Care and they were AMAZING!! I highly recommend them if you have to make a visit with your little one.

Her appetite was normal and so was her play level, but she was draining like a leaky faucet! The Motrin and Tylenol caught up with her and she needed to sleep. Poor baby! We filled her with probiotics as best we could. She LOVES Lucky Layla Farms drinkable yogurt. My moms group made a visit and while we weren't able to make it, it looked like so much fun! When I saw the brand, I immediately recognized it and bought 3 to try. She's loved ALL of them. I'll definitely be going back for more.

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The Potts Family said...

Those Layla drinkables are so yummy! There is one in my fridge at home right now in fact.

I've taken Braelyn to Acute Kids twice and had a great experience both times. I'm so lucky they are only about 6 minutes from our house.

I'm surprised the Dr. vaccinated Mari when she had an ear infection. Well, maybe not. My Dr. won't vaccinate if the child is sick, but she's also on the safer side when it comes to administering vaccines. (for instance, she doesn't even carry the MMR) I guess as with most things, there is a divided stance. Some Doctors think its fine, others will wait until they're good and well. I'm sure they take into account the child's overall immune system and reactions to shots in the past. If Mari usually doesn't experience strong reactions to immunizations, they probably thought she'd be fine. I know those high fevers are scary though! Braelyn has had a couple of viruses where her fever was the only symptom - but it would get as high as 104.5 and would freak me completely out!

I'm getting Braelyn the Dtap shot next month.... her first installment. I'm only 18 months behind on the CDC's schedule..Ha. But, its time for her to get tetanus and I figured I'd get the whooping cough part too. For a long time I've debated with this I'll be scared, anxious, but relieved (hopefully) when its over. Put us in your prayers for April 15th!!

Well, I hope your little one feels better soon. I love the most recent pictures of her on your newest posts. She's got the face of an angel.

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