not strep, but sinusitis

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I've been suffering the better part of this week under the weather. I've been doing my best to psych myself out. What especially helps to lift the spirits are reconnecting with long lost kindred spirits. Like phantoms, they fade from your life, but you are so very, very happy when they reappear. LOVESIT.

Tonight, I noticed angry tonsils covered in little white spots. It was like a bacteria party all up in there. I panicked and insisted on going to the minor emergency clinic. We opted for CareNow and upon arrival, I was taken aback. I couldn't believe that Bella's Lullaby from the Twilight soundtrack had made it to muzak. But then I looked up and realized that they were playing Twilight on the TV in the waiting room. I settled in thinking that maybe waiting around wouldn't be so bad. Less than 20 minutes later and I was whisked away into the other waiting room. I was uncomfortable knowing I'd gained 5lbs this week. And this is because I was actually attempting to diet. Horrible. Oh well. I sent Don home with Mari because we'd forgotten the diaper bag. I laid down and by this point, the movie was over and Shrek had started.

The Doc walked in and swabbed my throat. She left me and another 15 minutes later she came back. No strep throat (hooray for not being contagious!), but I did have an acute case of sinusitis. I left with 3 prescriptions in hand, wishing I had a giant bottle of chloraseptic! Ugh...

In any case, I'll be back at work tomorrow nursing my ailment with plenty of hot, hot tea, antibiotics, and cough drops. Wheeee!! I heart allergy season! How are all of you holding up?

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The Potts Family said...

I hope you feel better! Its this darn weather thats messing everyone up.

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