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Monday, January 23, 2012

This blog has absolutely no consistency. Do y'all even want that? A consistent routine of things? Me, I think I like the random. I tried doing consistency with my hump day movie review and well, we all know how that went. I am thinking of re-hashing it, though. Simply because I've given my opinions recently on some dvds I've recently watched. Enough with the ramblings, get on with the random!! ok, ok...sheesh!

1. Cloth v. Disposables
I found this link and boy howdy is it an eye opener. You know we've done cloth for a while now. We aren't exclusive cloth users. Nope. I will admit, on road trips, we've relied on disposables. Additionally, rounds of antibiotics='sposies. Why? Well, convenience factor mainly. Yes, they are convenient. Especially when you are traveling and you don't want to bring the laundry "system" with you. Even more so when you know your child is going to have explosive, runny poo. Sorry guys, but that's the reality. Now you know our little disposable secret! AAACK! But in all seriousness, if you are new parent and you are struggling to make ends meet or money is a bit tight, forego the small convenience factor and give cloth a try. They aren't what they used to be. Yes, you have to clean up the mess. Yes, you have to do laundry. But you will save money. Lot's of money!! I've calculated the amount of money we have saved and let me tell you, I am in disbelief. We've saved at least $500 since Tesla has been alive. A celebrity recently launched her own line of "good for the environment and baby" diaper and wipes service. It's $80 a month to participate for the diapers bundle, which includes wipes and diapers. What is interesting to me is that they look like cloth diapers and the wipes are cloth, too. Everything happens to be disposable. I think it is great that there is this option, but I know some struggling families out there and an extra $80 a month could go a long way to put up with a bit of "convenience!" Just my opinion.

2. False Lashes
YES! That's what the inner, beauty voice in my head is hollering. You see, I adore the thought that the weekend "me" wears flowy dresses and skirts. She wears her hair down all natural. She uses vaseline as her lip gloss and yes, she wears fake eye lashes. If I could wear fake lashes every day and get away with it, I totally would. That scene in Breakfast at Tiffany's where Holly takes off her lashes at the end of the night...yeah, that's when I was sold. Check out another account of False Lashes hype here.

3. Still No Meat
Today marks the 4 week anniversary of my self-imposed "Mostly Plants" diet (I'm still eating eggs, butter, and a bit of dairy). Incredible. I haven't stepped on a scale, yet, but the goal of this wasn't to lose weight. It was just to see how my overall well-being was affected. So far, you know what...I have noticed a difference! I don't feel "heavy." Even after a full meal, I don't feel bloated and heavy. Which, actually, was opposite to what I was thinking. I firmly believed I would walk around feeling bloated. I don't. I actually have more energy. I'm tired, but that's because I don't sleep. When I work-out, play with my kiddos, or whatever, I have more energy and enthusiasm. Also, my skin feels different. I don't know what it is. Finally, in my waist, I feel slimmer. Thanks to Pinterest, I've found some great recipes. Also, I heard about Engine 2 and plan to try out their recipes, too. If you want to check some great ideas for yourself, this Tumblr is full of inspiration for workout routines and plants only recipes. Me, I'm shooting for Valentine's day or the evening when I go on my non-Valentine's-Valentine's day-celebrating-anniversary-of-being-parents date. The hope is to eat something incredibly amazing by either my Primo or a Lavendou. Either will be sure to please and an incredible treat. After that, though, I think I will try to stay with it. It is really starting to become a lifestyle and I sympathize with all vegetarians when going out to eat. It really has been quite difficult and a complete change of mind when we go out. I can always find a salad, but it bugs me to think a salad costs as much of an entree when the nutritional value just isn't there. Not worth the money, in my opinion.

That's it for this Monday's randomness. Y'all have a great week!

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E said...

I have not tried out false eyelashes yet, but I really want to!

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