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Sunday, January 8, 2012

When you are younger, you don't realize what a treasure a lazy, unplanned day is. If you are lucky, you had friends that would go make memories that lasted well beyond those few hours shared. Me, I'm beyond blessed! I'm so lucky, that my best friend since I was 11 is still in my life. He and I share many, many of these memories when we were younger. We imagined the days of when we were grown, not realizing that when you grow-up, your responsibilities multiply. Totally not a bad thing, just a reality. It is a real treat when everything lines up right and we are able to spend many uninterrupted hours talking, laughing, and reminiscing. I'm so grateful to the special people in our lives that stepped up so that he and I could have our date to celebrate his birthday. We went to Cafe Madrid and La Duni at Northpark. I have to ask, isn't My Michael getting more and more attractive as we grow older? Jealous! (grateful to the teens lingering in the courtyard who were willing to take our photo.) Here are some images from our day:

Best friends Cafe Madrid table Patatas Fritas Spanish Potato Omelette with Alioli Grilled Portobella Mushroom in Garlic Sauce Sauteed Veggie Medley with a Fried Egg Spinach and Cheese Croquettes Fried Goat cheese with Caramelized Onions drizzled with Honey Cafe con leche Cafe Mocca coffee and conversation Warm Milk Chocolate Cake Pudding So happy, so handsome Lemon 43 and Dona Margarita

I love you Michael! Thank you for sharing your day with me! It was very, very special! Easily in my top 5 best days. ;)

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