Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I hope your holidays have been treating you well. Me, I'm overflowing with love and light. First of all, I want to take a special moment to say thanks to all of you. Aww...I've been feeling the positive vibes, I tell ya!

Some new changes for me...That photo above...well, it not only is a cup of awesome, frothy, silk nog cappuccino goodness, but if you look closely, you will also see a fine E&J red, sparkletini, and a beautiful cut of tenderloin. That, my friends, was Christmas for me. I had a beautiful carnivorous meal, which marked my final animal-filled meal for at least a month. I'm taking a challenge, inspired by the amazing talented Jacki (or are you Jacky, now?). I need to get my booty running again, but oh the aches the pains, the soreness...excuses, excuses, excuses. I didn't need a diet, I needed a lifestyle/core changer. I had thought long and hard about such a change and was further inspired after the passing of my grandfather. You see, I forgot to mention that he made it a point to do calisthenics every single day. He had about a 20lb barbell that he used to incorporate his exercises. If he could get moving, then so would I. Moving now, will help me to keep moving later. Eating a mostly plant based (I'll be enjoying eggs and the occasional tuna) diet I hope to cleanse my body of the heavy fat-filled meals I normally enjoy. I've given myself about a month to try it out, so we will see.

Also, we have a new addition to our family. Meet Sparkle...
This was the Sugarbean's gift from Santa. I made the dress. I hope to be making more clothes for Sparkle and her friends in the near future. This means that I will hopefully make slow progress on my craft area. One day, hopefully before my 35th birthday, too, I will be able to give you the tour.

I took some time to do some extra snuggling and loving on the Sugarbaby, too. While we were away, we were treated to a rare snowstorm. I turned off the TV in the hotel room, opened the curtains, snuggled in, and watched the fat snow fall tenderly as I held my sleeping little one. Bliss indeed.

Finally, I've been EXTRA fortunate to spend some amazing quality date-time with my handsome man.
He is so, so, so good to me! I've had many surprises from him and I've been totally loving it! He surprised me with flowers one day. Surprised me with my wishlist jammies for Christmas! He also surprised me with a girls night out with one of my best friends! (Sidenote: I've been getting quite a few surprises lately. I like surprises. Well, good ones, not bad ones. More on my surprises later.) I've been enjoying this time we've gotten to spend together. It's been quite magical.

Sorry for my absence, but it really has seem like a daze, these past several weeks. I have some back-blogging to do from my trips to NYC and Boulder. Hope you all are well! Hugs to everyone!

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