Dublin Dr. Pepper & Torchy's

Monday, January 16, 2012

If you aren't from Texas, then odds are, you probably don't know what Dublin Dr. Pepper is. On January 12, they settled a trademark dispute with the Dr. Pepper Snapple company. This marked an end of an era. Dublin Dr. Pepper is not made with high fructose corn syrup (corn sugar). When my best friends father passed away, at the funeral, they had a large cooler filled with Dublin Dr. Pepper. You see, Pop loved it! He wanted to be sure we all had one. Drinking it made it that much more special.

You can imagine my excitement when visiting Austin a couple of years ago, and I happened upon Torchy's Tacos, thanks to my Brother. It was glorious! Bonus that they served Dublin Dr. Pepper on tap!! Score! And then they opened shop in Dallas about a year ago. Again, Dublin Dr. Pepper on tap. (I found the bottles in the store at Market Street. When the announcement was made, they sold out of their 4 cases within hours.) My friend called me to let me know a local Farmer's Market was selling the stuff. We went by and they wanted $50 for a 6 pack or $10 per bottle!!!! How fortuitous that Torchy's Facebook page mentioned that they still had it on tap! That day we indulged a lunch out just for the drink. Because I'm still on the vegetarian kick, I ordered a Dirty Sanchez and a  Fried Avocado. Normally I get The Democrat. The names crack me up!! Anyway, they've divulged that they have three months of supply on tap. I hope to go next month before they are gone. If you haven't had 'em, so check them out. You will not be disappointed!

The simple thought of having my final drink brings a tear to my eye. Hard for me to believe that it'll be extinct. :(  I need a hug. At least I still have Mexican Coke. 

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