9 Months...Happy Birthday Sweet Tesla Jane

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dear Sugarbaby,

Today is your 9 month birthday. This morning I snuggled with you, extra tightly for two minutes longer than normal. Last night, we moved your crib into your big sister's room. You see, you don't like to sleep in your crib. She doesn't like to sleep alone. Instantly, she was ecstatic to have you join her. You, well, you were not a fan of being in the crib. You know it is night time and in your mind, you belong with us. You gave it a good effort and slept in your crib for a whole two hours, so it's a start! We will continue trying and maybe you will have graduated the whole way. But I will miss you! Highlights for this month:

  • You took your first plane ride and you were a champ on both legs. As a matter of fact, you slept the entire way.
  • Unfortunately, you also attended your first funeral. However, you were a bright point to many and I was so very, very happy that you were able to meet your bisabuela.
  • You have also cut two teeth!!! Your two bottom teeth broke through after four very, very rough days.
  • You have taken a liking to stealing your sister's food. She gently corrects you and tells you, "Tesla, I will share, but you just have to ask politely." And then she will say pretending she's you, "Mari, maaaay I have some of your food. May you share? May I?" 
  • Speaking of food, you also like to grab-hands and steal people's food out of their hands if you are seated on their lap. Which, by the way, is your favorite place to be when dining. You prefer to sit on people's laps instead of a high chair. Recently, you took your Grandfather's dessert and gobbled up some chocolate. You LOVED it!
  • You are also becoming an expert road tripper. I'm very excited by this because our first long road trip wasn't so pleasant. Unlike your sister, you don't need a movie or music. You just want something soft to touch and a bottle to hold. Having your brother Guapo near you is enough to keep you happy. If you fuss, big sister just leans over and sings you a song, which almost always comforts you.
  • Reluctantly, you hold your bottle to feed yourself. You would prefer someone give it to you. I still am not  allowed to give you a bottle. You will refuse it completely. You've actually bitten me a couple of times out of spite.
  • No walking, yet, but I'm certain that will change by the time you turn 1. Every day, you let go of what you are balancing on, and testing your standing skills. 
  • You were very happy with Christmas. You enjoy playing Barbies with your big sister. You hold your Little People in your hand and she has her doll. Occasionally, she will share a Barbie with you and you really like gnawing on their legs.
  • You know how to blow your nose. Hard to believe it, but yes!! You can do it on command and it is pretty remarkable!
  • You also like to hang out with Daddy in the hiking carrier. That seems to be one of your most favorite hangouts. You have helped him hang Christmas lights, cook dinner, and even assisted on a photo shoot! Way to go!
  • You still thoroughly enjoy bath time and splashing the water. Our little water baby! I can't wait to take you to the beach!
  • You are a great eater and really do enjoy self-feeding. You still make smacking noises at us when you want a taste of something we are eating. If we don't share, you will reach up and grab it. :)
  • You stayed up for the New Year. We took you and your sister outside to dust off the old year. You didn't care. You were just happy to give hugs. 
What a month! Happy birthday, darling! Mommy, Daddy, Sister, and Guapo love you! Can't wait to give you more snuggles.

I love you!


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