Friday, January 20, 2012

We've been hit with another round of the sickies. I've been running on low energy for the past week, but I just chalked it up to meat withdrawal. On Monday, the Sugarbean approached me and told me she wasn't feeling well. By Tuesday, she had a full blown fever and was feeling lethargic. We kept her home that day.

All week, the Sugarbaby was irritable at night. I figured she was so advanced, she was afraid of the dark. We would leave the bathroom light on for her and settled in for a LOOOOONG night of fussing. Well, this happened Tuesday and Wednesday.

On Thursday, I received a call from Mari's school. She was running a fever. Here's where juggling took place. I had two meetings in the afternoon that I had to postpone. The plan was to take her to the office with me in the morning and rely on the ol' iTouch to keep her occupied. (I know, I know)

Then her temperature crept up and Tesla's level of irritability went up. Off we went to Acute Kids. they were apologetic for the delay, but even with the delay, they were faster than any time we've ever gone to the doctor. I just love them. If your child has a minor emergency, definitely check them out. I really recommend them! Anyway, as I was saying, we were at Acute Kids. We opted to have Tesla checked out too, since she was having similar symptoms, just on a smaller scale with no fever. After the different swabs for strep, flu, and RSV for T, the diagnosis: Viral Upper Respiratory Infection for Mari, Double Ear infection for Tesla.

When we got home, Mari just wanted to sleep, but was in and out of consciousness from her extreme coughing. She even had to utilize the sick bucket a couple of times. Tesla was much happier after I gave her some Motrin. We started her with some probiotics a couple of hours before giving her the Amoxicillin with Augmentin. So far, we don't think Tesla has the penicillin allergy like Mari. Last night was a bit of a blur for me. We were up and down for a good portion of the night. All of us slept together in our bed. It was nice having us all snuggled in, but this Mama didn't get much sleep.

When my alarm went off, I got up, got ready, and looked at my girls. Both of them were FINALLY resting. My heart ached. How could I go in to the office? They are absolutely miserable. If I took Tesla to school, I would probably get a phone call by the middle of the day. There's no way I should even think about moving Mari either. I made the call to my boss, praying he wouldn't be upset with me. I don't know why I think that because well, he's a really good boss. I still felt guilt though. Times like that, I wish I could split myself into two people. As a mother, though, you need to find balance. When your children are as sick as mine are, well, you have to wear you mommy cape more than your worker cape. If you are lucky/blessed (as I am, and I pray you are), then work will understand.

With that, I'm off to love on my littles. Hold your precious ones tightly! Bianca Mari Tesla Jan 2012-20 Bianca Tesla Jan 2012-7

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E said...

Glad that your girls are feeling better! I will definitely let you know the next time I have a layover at DFW. It's so nice to get out of the airport when you have the chance. :)

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