HDMR: World Series, Red Dawn, and Duplicity

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Since it is Wednesday, it is time for the Hump Day Movie Review. We haven't watched a whole lotta movies this week. Instead, we've been watching a lot of baseball. Yes, a whole, whole lot of baseball. It is the World Series people! C'mon!

2009 World Series - Yes, I'm going to give you a quick recap of the series, for those of you refusing to watch the game or just happened to miss it and you want the Cliff's Notes version. Ok, ready...the World Series is a baseball series, the best of 7 games. Philadelphia Phillies are playing the legendary New York Yankees. This series also has some familar faces since they are alumni of the Texas Rangers. Some of those faces include: Mark Texiera, Chan Ho Park, and the famous A-Rod. (maybe he's FINALLY gonna get that ring) It's been a FANTASTIC series. The pitching at the forefront, only being overshadowed by Utley & Matsui's bombs. Of course, those were phenomenal homeruns. Sabathia & Lee (Phillies) have quickly become favorite pitchers, joining Game Over Rivera, and Pettite. I've enjoyed watching the series, especially seeing as how it showcases not only the player's talents, but the new Yankee stadium. I sincerely hope to go there someday since I was unable to make it to the old one. (breaking my heart!) Some would say that Steinbrenner bought a World Series. Well, his 423 million investment in 3 players this summer, along with A-Rod's 323 million deal, you can see how quickly a billion dollar budget adds up. For that reason alone, you have to respect the Phillies since their budget is ever so much smaller than that of the Yanks. But still, you can't help but love the pinstripes! If you didn't get to watch it, you missed a great series. In the future, your homework is to watch a future World Series. THIS is what baseball is about and this is why I love it. This is why so many others love it. The biggest game on the biggest stage, doesn't get better than that!
Red Dawn - Yes, yes, I know it is from 1984. That was the year my brother was born, so I barely remember much of it the first time I saw it. I just remember really liking the Wolverines and wanting to be a Wolverine myself and Commies were not nice. This time around, the movie's effects apeared campy, but the story was good. Plus, I couldn't help but getting a little emotionally attached to it. Ever so grateful that I not only live in Texas, but I married a man who grew up on a farm. Yes, we have weaponry in our posession. While I didn't grow up with any sort of firearm, I do know how to use it, although, I still claim to be better at yielding a bat or throwing a knife. The casualty counter in this film was outta control and just accidentally came upon it. Check that out in the special features if you see it. In any case, it was worth the Netflix rental.

Duplicity - I like Julia Roberts. I like Clive Owen. (Heck, I even met him once in Austin, where he was ridiculously drunk, barely sitting up, and the guy was still flashing those bedroom eyes. But this was before he broke it big, and I recognized him in a little movie that he made called Greenfingers, but that's totally off tangent.) Anyway, I don't like Julia with Clive. No, no. Sorry if you liked this film. I tried my very, very best to get into this film, but it just wasn't happening. After 40 mintues into the movie, I just shut it off. it just wasn't worth it to watch the rest of it. I have very little down time these days and quite frankly, I didn't want to waste it on a lame movie. Instead, I picked up my crocheting and watched an episode of Mad Men from OnDemand. Yeah...sorry.


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Mrs. Bianca said...

wow, my first phantom spam comment, and in another language, no less. Any more of these and I'm going to have to put on a comment filter. Suppose I should do that anyway. For now, I'm going to hold off.

chae said...

This is funky. I posted a comment a week ago on this post and it doesn't show.

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