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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Every year around the holidays, it is a baking frenzy in our home. This is probably due in large part to my own mother fast and furiously whipping up all sorts of nummy-nums when we were growing up. Autumn and Winter go hand-in-hand with flour, butter, sugar, and brown sugar. Lately, I've been finding myself stocking up on this stuff without realizing it. Last night when I was fishing around the cabinets looking for something sweet, I realized that I had a full container of sugar, a half opened bag of sugar, and another bag of sugar stashed away in the storage pantry. Not to mention the three kinds of flours hiding along side the sugar container, the two bags of brown sugar, and the 10 sticks of butter I have in the fridge. Wow...I think it is intervention time.

No seriously, hopefully this weekend I'll get to whip up some goods and freeze them to be ready for all of the holiday baking. This year, I really want to whip up some delicious kinds of cookies and give them to family to enjoy. We'll see how that works out.

Anyway, for those who have been to our home, they know that as soon as they walk in the kitchen, they will notice the large silver hook and how it is adorned with nearly a dozen aprons. They are in several different sizes, colors, and styles, and each one of them means something different to me, all are very special!

I remember both my Grandmother (dad's mom) and Mother wearing aprons while working over a stove or when baking. When I was around 5, mom began allowing me to help her in the kitchen, but she always insisted I wear an apron. I still remember it was an old maroon ladies apron, very industrial. She would put it over my shoulders, then fold the longer side in half, completely wrapping it around my small body, and even then, it nearly dragged on the floor. But I felt fancy and bold in that apron, and boy did I create all sorts of fabulous goodies in it. Over the years, I eventually grew into the apron. When I graduated from school, and moved off to my own place, Mom tried to give the apron to me, but I told her I wanted her to keep it there, so I'd have something to wear when I would come to visit. I hope it is still there!

Anyway, this post was inspired by a new blog that I happened up while visiting another blog that I frequent. Sivje over at Goosegirl Sews is giving away one of her delicious Yaya aprons. I do so hope that I win. If you want a chance to enter, go read more! Click here to check it out.

Do you have a favorite apron/baking/cooking memory?

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Goosegirl said...

Bianca, this is a beautiful post. I did the same thing, baking with my grandmother. I loved it. My mom and I still bake together as well.

Have a beautiful day.


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