Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The World Series is on and while it is the first of November, the end of another baseball season and the uncharacteristically warm weather has me nostalgic. When I was younger, but not that much younger (probably in high school), we were in Austin one summer when my aunt was eating a pomegranate.

Never before had I seen a pomegranate. Then again, I wasn't much into eating fruits (unless it was a banana), because I just wasn't a fruit eater. That was back then, before I developed a palate for all sorts of flavors. In any case, she offered me some and I wasn't really sure how to eat it. She explained the mechanics to me and so I gave it a whirl, with a bit of skepticism.

After all, when it is open, you just kinda stare at it, not really sure what to do. Well, after you cut it open, you get a section, and chew on the seeds until you have all of the "meat" and juice from it. Most will spit out the seeds, but there are a handful of people who will eat them. I guess it's just more fiber for you to process.

Regardless, that first bite etched into my mind the end of sweltering hot summers. When I see pomegranates in season, I can't help but pick up a couple to chew on. The red juice staining my lips, my fingertips, and making me giggle and smile all over again. Bite, chew, slurp, swallow, bite, chew, slurp, swallow, until my cheek is filled with seeds, poking out like a fat chipmunk. Then I discreetly spit them in a paper cup, and cover it with a paper towel until I have more to spit in.

Just like the first time I had fresas con azucar (strawberries with sugar), I was hooked! If you've never tried a granada, you should. It's sweet and tart at the same time, and very, very juicy. Definitely not easy to eat, but I think it is worth it. Thank you Tia Vicki for sharing!

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