The Chalice Project

Sunday, November 22, 2009

This chalice made a weeklong visit to our home last week. Our church is conducting a chalice project, where a chosen family prays a specific prayer for vocations. We are also welcome to fill the chalice with our own prayers for vocations. Along the way, we also filled it with prayers of Thanksgiving, for loved ones, lost loved ones, general prayers, and a very special prayer for Jenna & Joey.

Having such a beautiful symbol of our faith at the dinner table reaffirmed our faith and reminded us truly why we do what we do. We were instructed to put the in a prominent position in our home, so the chalice would move from the dinner table to the counter above the sink. If we aren't eating, then we are in the kitchen prepping or cleaning. As I put dishes away, I would sneak a glance at the chalice, and then catch a glimpse of my husband. I would pause and give thanks for him.

He and I are connected, and together, we were blessed with Mari. And moments later, after catching that glance, she would scamper along, gleefully screeching, while flitting about the kitchen. And yes, even Guapo halted and stood at quiet attention while we pray as a family.

Growing up, my own family prayed together. This was actually my favorite part of the day, when we would lock hands and say grace before dinner. Now, when we all gather together, just before we part ways, we have our family circle, uniting together again for a prayer of thanks and blessings. Each one of us connected, with all of the grandchildren (and granddog, too!) in the middle of the adults.

Prayer is a very powerful thing. To me, it doesn't matter to whom you are praying, but I do believe we are all connected by our own faith. It is this faith that heals and supports in the dark of the night or the quiet of the day. Some people pray silently. Others sing their prayers. Some pray with their actions. Each type of prayer is beautiful and and its own way.

I felt very fortunate that we were able to fill the chalice with our prayers. We felt honored to have been picked to host it. The underside of the chalice was dedicated in honor of a priest back in the 80s. I meant to write the name down and research the beginnings of how our church first obtained it. Unfortunately, I did not, but it was still nice to have that piece of history in our home.

I send up prayers for all of you and I sincerely hope you get to spend time with your loveds ones, both biological family and family that you have made along the way. May God bless each and every one of you!

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