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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Alrighty, I didn't bake nearly as much as I initially thought I would b/c I was sidetracked by my re-purposing project and desire to clean every inch of grout in both of our bathrooms (which seriously took about 3 hours!). Any how, here's the baking post. I was very happy that I took photos to share. Yaaay!

So, the first one: duh...Rice Krispy Treats.
Yum, check out that unsalted butter melted with the marshmallows. Small fact, I was unaware that both my BFF and sister hadn't really made Rice Krispy Treats before.
I had a bag of unopened candy corn, so I threw a bit in the mix for kicks and it was delish! I got this idea from The Laws of My Life blog. It was a hit! I only had two pieces leftover for today and that was a very good thing.
Next up, Chocolate Chip Cookies, a recipe that inspired me when visiting Paper Oranges. Only, halfway through making these yummy treats, I realized that I only had one cup of chocolate chips!!! EEEK!!! Instead, I threw in some craisins and chopped pecans for some added flavor and texture. Ok, so this recipe looked oh-so-easy-and-fabulous that I added it to my handwritten recipe book. Check it out:
Remember when I mentioned the aprons? Well, here they are in all their glory! (minus the one that I was wearing.) And yes, that's a bright red double-T on the black apron. I made it as a gift to myself when I graduated. That lil' apron has seen many kitchens and baking adventures.
Dry Goods...awesome Quaker Oats

Here are some more dry good. That first set went in the first bowl and these went in the 2nd bowl.
Here are my awesome measuring cups. I don't think that they've actually graced the blog.

And here are the tiny measuring spoons.Hello spoons!Whisking together the oats, flour, salt, baking powder, & baking soda. Can you spot me in the reflection?
Mmm...light and fluffy: butter, brown sugar, sugar, and vanilla.

Time to add the eggs. I <3 brown eggs! yaaay
Now to fold in the chips, craisins, and pecans.
Last time I baked, there was a bit of caramel overload onto the bottom of the pan and well, it hasn't gone away. I've attempted to use the self-cleaning setting on it, but I'm not sure it is really doing anything. In any case, our little convection oven saved the night.
Voila! yummy goodness!

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