Night-Night Brother & Sister

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Since the season finally decided to change, I was really concerned about Mari at night. She, like me, doesn't sleep well when it is really warm. Her sinuses dry out and it triggers nosebleeds. However, I don't want her to be too cold either. We've been layering her with a onesie, socks, and fleece footie pajamas or just with the fleece pjs, but we still haven't found the right combination. This is primarily caused by the fact that she likes to wrestle around with her blankets, shoving them off of her toddler crib, or what I think is her favorite: sleeping on top of the blankets.

Last night, we experimented by letting Guapo sleep with her. He used to sleep with us, but as he got older and we grew more and more concerned with potential back issues (dachshunds are known for their back problems AND he sleeps so soundly, more than once he's fallen off of our bed!), we relented and he slept in his own bed within eyesight of me.

Last night, when we headed to bed, he did his usual half-dozed trot to his bed in our room, preparing to burrow under his very own afghan when I paused at Mari's room and asked him if he wanted to sleep with his sister. No sooner had I gotten the phrase out of my mouth, his tiny ears perked up, tail at attention and he raced into her room and hopped on her bed.

He paused in mid-burrow, stared at me for permission and I nodded approval. Normally, he's never allowed in her bed. Even when he helps me wake her in the morning, he will only put his front two paws on the bed, which isn't very far for him at all, since it is less than 12 inches off of the ground (including the mattress height). His tail a-waggin', he happily nestled at her feet, and Mari narily stirred from her deep slumber. I tucked them both in bed, kissed them both good night and whispered into Guapo's ear, "Take care of your little sister." With that, he rested his head on her leg.

This morning, around 6:30, I heard a *THUMP*, then a shaking dog, with clinking dog tags. Dangit, i forgot to take off Guapo's clothes last night! I heard this little nails click on the concrete and I only presumed that he was off to burrow in the nest he's built for himself in the living room. Moments later, Mari sleepily stepped into our bedroom, draggin' her blue star lovey with her. I gladly welcomed her into our bed. She nuzzled with me, and just when I thought she was about to pass out, she perked up, planted a kiss on me and said, "Hiiiiiyyeee Maaaamaa!"

Good morning to you, sugarbean. :)

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The Potts Family said...

I love it. That is so sweet!! Guapo sleeping with his sister. Awhhh....

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