brand new header

Monday, November 16, 2009

First off, I have to give a HUGE, monumental, epic shout out to Amanda over at for the font I'm using in my header. She has some super duper amazing fonts that she created all on her own based on other people's handwriting. How amazingly awesome is she? I've noticed some others that I've missed that I'll have to put into my font inventory.

Anyway, instead of the breezy, dreamy photo I opted for this little gem that I snapped last weekend. It was a lonely flower in a murky pond, yet, she looked so regal and serene. I figured it needed to be shared with the world, so here you go. Voila!



chae said...

Lovely flower! Hmmm..wonder if that's a water lily.

chae said...

Confirmed! Looked it up on google. It's a purple water lily.

The Steinman Squad said...

Awesome! I love your new header!

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