Memorial Day Weekend

Monday, May 25, 2009

Whoosh...that's how my weekend went.

I'll just write stream of consciousness, so sorry if it doesn't make sense or if it suddenly ends.

Friday morning came bright and early. The alarm went off at 5:15. I jumped in the shower and quickly threw on my clothes. Don dressed Mari and we were off to Love Field. I had to stand in line to get an infant boarding pass. We were patiently waiting behind an entire baseball team. I imagine they were heading to a tournament. The thing that cracked me up was that they were each exchanging bags that they were checking in on behalf of someone else. So much for those old school safety questions (if you remember them from a few years back) and promising that the contents are your own and no one elses. ha ha! We got the pass and headed on over to the security line.

There was a long enough line that I started to worry if we would make our flight. A mother of 4 helped me get through security. I was grateful. The security crew were also nice and helped me get through rather easily. I must say that I fell in love with our Britax car seat, my Delsey carry-on, and this strap that joined them together that turned the two pieces into a rolling stroller. It was AWESOME!! I flew through the airport and made it on the plane RIGHT ON TIME! The flight was less than 40% full, so Mari could sit in her own chair. Both the flight attendant and gate check person helped me on the plane. They loaded my roll on, sat the chair in the window seat, and made sure I was ok before they left me. They even held up the boarding process so I could get settled. I figured out the seat and buckled Mari in. I called Don to let him know we were on the plane and give some last minute loves when the guy in the row in front of us shot me an unapproved look. I hurriedly told my goodbyes to Don and when he saw I was off the phone he shot at me, "That was inconsiderate!" I told him, "Excuse me?" Mari happily chatted in her seat, while kicking in time against the tray. She wasn't kicking so hard that she moved the chair, but you could her the noise. I kept trying to stop her, but the man in front of us was really upset. "That was really inconsiderate of you to sit right behind me. I was here first. I have a 1 year old at home and that is ridiculous." Then he rolled his eyes. I was apalled. I looked at him and shot back, "Excuse me, but I would've been here BEFORE you even arrived, but as I recall, I was probably here just moments after you arrived. Regardless, you are MORE THAN welcome to move, sir." He shook his head and firmly planted himself in his seat, continuing to huff and puff. Mari kept happily kicking along and I tried stopping her again. He turned around in a huff and said, "You REALLY need to make her stop!" I followed up with, "What do you want me to do? Really? Please, get up and move two rows in front of you. There's an empty seat in the same exact position. Clearly you've never traveled alone with your own child, otherwise you would understand." (at which point Mari started to fuss...perfect timing, as I'm certain she could sense my irritation with that man) I then said, "In addition to the kicking, you now have this. Thank you for that. But you know, it's Friday morning to a wonderfully long weekend. May God Bless you, because there really isn't any need for your irritability. If you can't handle things, just get up and move. Simple as that." With that, he shrugged his shoulders and threw on his earphones. At which, the flight attendant came by to ask if I was ok and I shot her a smile. She looked at the man and knew that we'd had words and she cheerily smiled at the man and shot at him, "You need to take those headphones off!" And walked off before he could respond. I was very grateful.

I comforted Mari and she quieted down. I took off her shoes so her little kicks would be muffled. Shortly after take off, she passed right out. I read a wonderful article in the free Spirit magazine about a book called Broken. Loved it. Then, quick as we took off, we were landing. I waited to get off the plane so I wouldn't have to see angry man from row 8, window seat.

I had to change Mari's diaper and use the facilities myself. Well, the little Houdini managed to sneak under the bathroom stall while my knickers were around my ankles. I was horrified!!! But luckily, a really nice lady who had sat right across from us kept her distracted long enough to pull my jeans up. My heart racing, I breathed a sigh of relief to know she hadn't run out the bathroom all together. I put everything together and we went to see my mom, who was patiently waiting for us.

She had Taco Villa waiting for me! My whole goal of going out a day early was to spend it with my mother and father. I don't get much time with them and I really wanted dedicated time with them. We headed to my cousin's school for a manicure, but they had a substitute teacher and couldn't offer any services. Instead, Mom took me for a tour of the new construction by Tech. We found a salon and I had a blow out while Mom got a hair cut and style. I threw on a wax since I was looking like Wolverine's sister. When I went to pay, I was overwhelmed by the price. Shocked was more like it. I paid less than what I do for a plain haircut and style! Heck, the total of all the services was still waaay cheaper than what I would've paid for the blowout in NYC! Almost made me consider coming back every few weeks just to get my hair done!

Mari and I walked around and played while Momma finished up. We then headed on over to meet up with Daddy. We met his fellow co-workers while Mari tore up his office. Then, we went to lunch at One Guy. I forgot how much I craved their calzones!!! Even better, they had fountain cherry Coke!!!!!! Woohoo! I was stuffed and sleepy. We dropped off Daddy back at his office and we headed home. Mari and Mom took a nap, while I headed to the store to pick up some essentials and a wedding gift. I came home and since the house was quiet, I passed out for 45 minutes. I was exhausted. We just hung around for a bit, then headed to Walmart to get a gift bag for the wedding gift. Afterwards, we headed on out to Jalisco's for dinner. YUM!

I had my fill of food for the day and made one last trip to Target because I'd forgotten jammies. Mari had long since gone to bed with my Momma. Daddy and I watched some TV, just like old times. I missed those quiet nights of random TV and clicking of computer keys. We said our goodnights and I took Mari to bed with me.

At 7AM, she popped her eyes open and was ready for the day. I was awoken with a tiny hand to the face, a slobbery kiss, and a "M-M-Mama!" I couldn't help but smile, even though my body was sore! I made her a bottle and we lazied away much of the morning before breakfast. Once again, Taco Villa. LOL! Mari didn't mind. Afterwards, I wanted to go for a run, so Momma and Daddy were up for a walk to the park so Mari could play. But she passed out on the way there and slept while I ran a couple of miles and walked a mile with Daddy. We walked back home and Mikey ran over. We chatted for a bit, I made him a snack, and then later we went to Dairy Queen for some afternoon treats.

I took Mikey back home and when I got home, Tamera was there with Madi, who is less than a day older than Mari. I quickly showered and prepped for the wedding and then I got Mari up to dress her while she played with her cousin. They were so cute. It was a short visit, but so great.

Then we headed to the wedding. I was uncertain how Mari would be since her nap was interrupted. I figured she would sleep through the ceremony. Unfortunately, the chapel was a bit warm and she had too many layers on. I changed her outfit and she was a lot more comfortable, but still fussed. My arms were DEFINITELY getting a workout this weekend; I was sweating up a storm! And all of a sudden I heard it. A calm, soothing voice, melodic, pure, and honest. It calmed me, it soothed Mari, and then there was another voice: stronger, harmonious, and pleasant. I think it was the bride's voice, in harmony with the leader of the song. And then I felt it: the presence of the Holy Spirit! The wedding was simple and elegant, but never before had I been to a wedding where there was so much singing by the entire congregation. It gave me shivers! I could feel the love of the young couple and I was so happy to be witness to such a blessed event.

We went to the reception and had a few dances before it was time to go. Mari had a power nap while I was lucky enough to have an impromptu photo shoot with some beautiful models. The LIGHT was fantastic. We stopped by for a super quick visit to see my Aunt Frances. I was happy to see her. Then, we went home, each of us totally spent! I packed up all of our stuff, and Mari was bouncing off the walls from her nap. At 11:30, she finally passed out.

Her little eyes popped open at 8:15 and I was already getting everything together. I dressed her and we loaded the car. My folks took me to the airport and we were there in plenty of time. Security was an adventure. I made the mistake of putting Mari in overalls, which set off the machines. So, each article that I'd carefully packed was checked. I won't make that mistake again. We survived, though.

I let her run around for a bit and then we boarded the plane. This time, she had her own seat and didn't kick. Didn't even try. Just happily chatted in her chair playing with some bread. Immediately after take-off, she was out like a light! I had a wonderful chat with a gal who was at the wedding the day before. That flight crew was hilarious! It made the time pass super fast and they were so kind to help me when I got off the plane. I heart Southwest Airlines! Why can't American be that accomodating??

I was happy to see my beloved waiting for me. We loaded up the car and cruised through Highland Park gawking at the gorgeous houses. We made a quick turn and treated ourselves to some Sprinkles for later. My MIL was coming to town and since her bday was a few days earlier, she needed to have cake, right? We turned around and picked her up and headed on over to Mooyah. Mari devoured half of a burger and some of my red velvet cupcake. She was happy. I was in heaven with my burger and cupcake.

Later, we headed to Ikea to straighten out the den. Mari's toys were in desperate need of organization because the cardboard boxes weren't cutting it. We all chipped in to help put it together. The finished product was awesome! We could've gone to sleep after that, but Don and I went to see Terminator: Salvation. (movie review to come later)

I got home and passed out! At 7:30, my eyes popped open. Why?? Why? Why? I started catching up on things and made a plan for the day. We cooked some breakfast, ordered a vinyl decal, and hit up the craft shops. I'm taking almost everything that I bought back though. No amazing deals, so back goes the stuff! We then went to Lowe's to get a new door and toilet seat. Don spent the rest of the day installing it and I headed on over to do a graduate's photo shoot. I picked the wrong time of day by 2 hours. :( Nevertheless, though, I got a few good shots.

I came home and caught up on my HOA stuff, since I've been elected to be President. A week ago I was set on no longer being a part of it and now I'm going to lead it. That's the way I roll. ha ha!

So that's it. A weekend packed full of stuff, just like I like it. I hope you all had a wonderful time. A special thanks to all those who served for us, let us remember them and celebrate them on Memorial Day!

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The Potts Family said...

The NERVE of that guy on the plane. You handled it in a much more dignified manner than I would have. I'm sure cursing and kicking of my own is how I would have reacted. What a jerk! I feel sorry for his one year old. Geez.

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