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Sunday, May 17, 2009

My husband and our buddy, Will, competed in their first triathlon this past Sunday. It was a beautifully crisp morning. It was hella early for me, Mari, Mo, and Zeke, but we wanted to be there to support them, so we made it out! (my alarm went off at 5:45 AM and while that normally wouldn't be a big deal, we went out to see Angels & Demons the night before and because I'd had a Coke, I didn't pass out until 3.)

Anyway, I strapped Mari on my mei tai, and we ventured into the swimming area to find our darling duo. Here they are. Woohoo!! Don't they look like super athletes?
Their numbers were marked on their left arm and left leg. Their age was marked on their right arm and right leg. On their right ankle they had this chip thingy that tracked their time. So they swam 300 yards. Don did it in 6:38. That was really great for him. He was channeling his inner Michael Phelps, zipping past several other swimmers along the way. I was really impressed! Will swam in 7:07.

Then, they transitioned to the bike area and threw on a shirt, some socks, shoes, and a helmet. Don biked 14 miles in 47:48!!! White Lightning!!! The longest I've ever biked continuously has been about a mile. I inevitably have to stop to prevent a crash or really heinous wreck. I'm going to have to work REALLY hard on my biking skills for September. Will biked in 50:10.

Next up, the guys had to run 2.9 miles. They pulled their bikes into the transition area, took off the helmets, and took off running. Because it had rained so much the days before, much of the trail was incredibly muddy. REALLY, REALLY, REALLY muddy. So muddy that when I was walking along the path to cheer them on, I nearly ate it a couple of times. My pants were covered in mud bits from when I would pick up Mari after I let her run around in it. Thankfully, she has a bit more balance than her momma and didn't fall!

Will was on fire!! He ran in 22:29. See how fast he's going, the water is flying out of the cup.

It's like you can hear the power boosters kick on in this picture. Swoosh!
Don pushing through with a smile. Go babe go! He ran it in 26:18.

Total time for Don was 1:24:53, which includes the transition times between each event. Will's final time was 1:22:39. Don had a goal to finish in under 1:30 and He did it!! I was so happy to be there for him and proud that he achieved his goal. Yaaay!!

And no post is complete without some Mari cuteness. Here she is enjoying some post-race pizza and holding tightly to her sippy cup.

And I just love this shot of her. She's getting so big! Don't you love that adorable pink and gray henley from American Apparel? She worked it!! And this humidity is making her hair extra curly and I love it!
Cheers to goals that push us along the way. :) Thank God for giving us the strength to achieve those goals, too. (and for people who support you along the way)

As for my next adventure in September? I've started running again in preparation of the triathlon. I'm doing 2 miles at a time and my body is feeling it! My goal is to get my average mile to less than 9 minute miles for 3 miles. I'm nearly there! I'll have to actually test my bike speed (and endurance, no less) and swim more than 1 length of a pool. Don and my sister are also going to do this triathlon and Will is saying that he wants to do it too. Maybe we can be like one of those fancy tri teams with cool matching shirts! I like the idea that Don, Will, and Sam will be there at the finishing line cheering me on! :D

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