Happy Birthday Don!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Don's birthday fell on Mother's day this year. Every few years, his will fall on Mother's day and mine will fall on Father's day. Interesting how that is. Anyway, in our family, birthdays always trump any other holiday, so I'd made plans to celebrate it in a very special way with our close friends and family. Don shares a birthday with Jorge and so this year to commemorate it, we combined forces to have a joint party. Our friend, Rich, was so very kind to offer up the location. We had it at this gorgeous clubhouse!! It was two stories, with a pool tables, tvs, exercise room, tons of open space for Mari to run around (and she did!), and best of all, my dream kitchen! ahhh...

Oh and patio and pool area was divine! I've never seen a pool with an island in the middle of it. It provided for some nice shade. We were very lucky, because it was supposed to pour all day long, but right at noon, the skies cleared and we had a GORGEOUS afternoon to celebrate the day.
Here's some of who showed up. This was the last shot taken before we headed out. Notice my beautiful orchid corsage? Don and Mari got that for me for Mother's day. :D
Here's my beloved. It just isn't fair that the older he gets, the better looking he is. But I can swoon all I want at him because he's mine.
The other birthday boy. Aren't they sweet? This was my favorite one of them.
And with all of my planning, there's always something I will forget. This time it was the candles! Instead, we improvised with Cheetos. Who knew they could act as candles?? (beware, the burning stink isn't so pleasant! kinda like plastic, which makes you wonder what exactly they put in cheetos, hmmm.)
And since we were in a wacky mood, here's Primo with Mari's new sunglasses. If I would've known he enjoyed them so much, I would've picked up a pair for him! LOL

The birthday weekend was a blast! We had our monthly wine dinner on Friday night. I was so proud of myself because I made it all the way to course 4. Normally, I can stomach all of the courses, but since I've been sick, I wasn't certain how I would handle it. Then, on Saturday, Mari and I went shopping and I gave her a baby pedicure. I painted her toenails for the first time. Later she had a birthday party to attend (and we were invited too). She was worn out from all of the excitement. I called in a favor to my cousins to watch Mari and they did! Don and I went on a bonafide date. We ate some really bad Indian food (we'll never cheat on you again, Chetinaad!), then went to watch Star Trek*! Sunday morning, Don let me sleep in a little bit and made me breakfast in bed. Mari happily joined me because she loves eggs! She also gave me some artwork that she'd collaborated with her daddy, which was even more evident by the markings on her little arms and legs! ha ha! We went to church, then had the party. All in all, it was a wonderful weekend. But boy do I need some rest! I'm making an appointment with my doctor as soon as I find her number.

*Movie Review - Star Trek
Wow. No really, wow. Run, don't walk, run to the theater and watch it RIGHTNOW! If I knew of someone who hasn't watched it yet and they wanted me to go with them, I would plunk down more money to go. That's how much I really enjoyed it. The entire cast was stellar. I told Don that I fell in love with Spock all over again. :D But seriously, I really, really liked the storyline. I though Eric Bana did a phenomenal job as a villain. I hadn't had that much fun watching a Sci-fi movie since Serenity. If you saw it, what did you think?

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