15 Months!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Time has flown by! Today, Mari's personality was really glowing!! This morning, I kissed her goodbye on my way to the Habitat for Humanity volunteer day. On my way there, Don sent me a picture of Mari-Jul petting our decorative frog out front. She loves to help out, so you can see her trying to carry Daddy's lunchbag too.

I picked her up from school early and she danced all around me while I relaxed. All of a sudden, things were too quiet. I found her behind me, smiling a big fat chocolate-y grin. She found the chocolate stash. I forgot that I'd left it within reach (her reach has increased quite a bit recently!). She was happily munching away, smearing the chocolate every where within reach. I laughed and laughed and snapped this picture. That's my girl!

  • She's talking up a storm. She doesn't really speak English, but he's very effective at communicating.
  • For example, she'll pucker her lips and smack them when she's hungry.
  • She also likes to communicate with a series of growls and eeeeees.
  • Tantrums are full-fledged. The funny ones are around dinner time when we're trying to feed her. If we try to give her something she doesn't like, she'll throw herself on the floor and "hide" while wailing for a few seconds, then pop back up smacking those little lips, and will continue to do this until we take off the piece of food she doesn't like.
  • She's in love with buttons. The TV button, the remotes, the DVD player, radios, computers, phones...anything that has a button, she'll want to press it.
  • We tried to transition to sippy cups, but haven't been 100% successful. She still takes two milk bottles each day, but all other liquids are in a cup.
  • She starting to "hide" when she poops.
  • She really enjoys stacking. We've had a lot of fun with her blocks lately.
  • Her teachers say that she loves to climb. Even though she's the smallest in her class, she's the first one to race to the slide, climb up and go down. I let them know that she's quite a climber and has been climbing since she was 6 months.
  • She also likes to climb on Momma! No matter where I am, she insists on climbing on me like I'm her personal jungle gym.
  • She LOVES to dance!!! We watched High School Musical 3 and I swear I've never seen a little baby move like that. She owned the living room and was dancing so fast and so much, she had to brace herself against the couch to keep from falling down.
  • She's quite the slick baby. She knows how to get in and out of things and to get around the obstacles I put in her way. Crafty...
  • No really, she loves crafts! Painting and coloring...Mari enjoys giving the world a little bit more color.
  • She has the most infectious laugh. We'll have our little wrestling matches, and she just cracks up and we crack up with her.
  • I think my favorite thing she does is she'll wiggle herself into my lap, my arms, anywhere she can find a spot!
I'm certain there are a few others, but these are the ones I remember right now. She's such a joy to be around and so much fun! Ahhh...I love her so much!

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NYC-Gen said...

I really enjoyed reading of all the precious things little Mari has been up to. While I don't know Don as much as I know you ... I can see all the beautiful combinations of you both in her little spirit. She is such an angel. I can picture her dancing to 'HS Musical 3'. Tell her Titi Geny loves to dance too!

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