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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Yesterday, I finally bit the bullet and decided I needed to suck it up and go to the doctor. I was in a complete haze, walking around like a zombie. The funny part about the appointment was that I had lost my doctor's number. I finally went out to the provider's website to find it and I was glad.

I got there and the nurse did an immediate diagnostic of me. She gave me a "you poor thing" look and I waited for my doc. When she came in, I couldn't articulate how bad I felt. I just said, I'm wheezing and it is difficult to breathe without coughing. She pulled out her stethoscope and sure enough, heard the wheeziness, but it was difficult for her to hear that over my coughing. I felt awful. :(

Immediately, she gave me an albuterol breathing treatment and told me she would be back later with the magic bullet shot. After 5 minutes of breathing in the albuterol (which honestly reminded me of smoking a hookah), I could take in a deep breath without coughing. This was the first time I could do that in almost a week! She busted out her stethoscope again, and there was still the intense wheezing. She wrote out a prescription for an albuterol inhaler, another for a week's worth of antibiotics, and finally, a super cough suppressant with hydrocodone (yes, that's a narcotic). The nurse came in and gave me the magic bullet in my hip. Actually, it was in the lower part of my back where my lovely love handles are. I felt a slight nip and a burn as the medicine went in. Nothing like the flu shot, but but there was still some pain. The cocktail had vitamin B-12, a steroid, and an antibiotic. She let me know that I'd feel better for a bit, and then I'd feel jittery like I had a few too many Starbucks, and then it would be time for me to take the meds.

Sure enough, she was right. I took my meds and cleared my schedule for Tuesday. I should've turned my phone off because I was getting texts and calls all day long, wishing me well. I appreciated them, but I probably should've napped more. Oh wel. I did have my movie marathon, and continue to consume my meds. I still feel congested and it is all in my ears now, mostly. I'm still wheezing, but I'm actively using my inhaler and things are looking up. I'm going to attempt to go for a run tomorrow (equipped with my inhaler, of course!). Hopefully I can get this junk out.

On with the movie reviews, here they are in the order I saw them:

This was a movie about Harvey Milk. I thought Sean Penn did a wonderful job in it. Actually, the entire cast was phenomenal. I left feeling like there was something missing. I knew it probably should've pulled at my heartstrings more, but it felt like they were spoon feeding me my emotions. I didn't like that forced feeling. I do like Harvey Milk's story and I think he was a true inspiration of hope and the movement. It was a good rental.

The Boy in Striped Pajamas

Wow. I knew this movie would make me want to jump off a bridge, but I had no idea that it would make me angry. As a mother, I believe you should follow your instincts and I was upset with the mother for not going with her gut earlier. It was beautifully shot and worth a rental.

Bedtime Stories
I started watching this on a plane when I was on my way to NYC last time. Unfortunately, I didn't get to finish it. It was halfway when it stopped and I wanted to see how it ended. The beginning was better than the ending. Oh wel. I'm glad I found out what happened. I can't wait to watch this with Mari some day and hopefully I can come up with wonderful interactive bedtime stories when she's older.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
This was a tough movie to watch because we constantly had to pause and restart since Mari was running around on fire. We liked the concept of the story, but at times it was slow. Oh my goodness, and does Cate Blanchett every NOT look flawless? And I guess Brad Pitt was nice to look at also. :D It was worth the rental, but make sure you have the time to watch it uninterrupted. It probably would've been a better experience for us.

So all of them were worth a rental, but I wouldn't say I would necessarily have been happy to watch them in the theater. There you go. I'm back at work tomorrow and looking forward to this weekend!

The doc assured me I should be back to normal by Friday, Thursday at the earliest. I know I take good health for granted sometimes, so I'm excited to be back to normal! Thank you all for the well wishes and prayers!!

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