Bronchitis Baby

Monday, May 18, 2009

Mari has had a minor cough for a couple of weeks, but this past weekend it was really bad. Yesterday morning, they were those deep rooted coughs that feel like a giant piece of duct tape is being ripped from the insides of your lungs. She couldn't tell me, but her screams after coughing were enough proof that she was in some serious pain. But then she calmed down for a while and had a little cough here and there.

Yet at night when it came time to sleep, she was coughing again. Poor gal slept, but not well enough. She woke up coughing even worse and we decided to take her to the doc. Since we've decided to no longer use the other pediatrician. I was happy to hear that my new doc watched little ones too. This would be Mari's first visit and I was very impressed!

She spent a lot of time engaging Mari and trying to earn Mari's trust with the different instruments she was using to inspect her. Well, after a long time of listening to her congested chest and coughs we had the verdict. Bronchitis. She said Mari is a tough little baby and she was really amazed with her body. The fact that she was so uncomfortable, but not fussy was pretty remarkable. And over and over again she said how good Mari was. It warmed my heart!

Tomorrow, I'm working from home while the antibiotics, garlic, juice, and probiotics do their thing to make Mari better. Here's my baby from today. Look at that wild hair! :D She's showing off her clapping skills. (Mind you, the prescription isn't ready yet, so this is a 100% unmedicated child. I've just been pouring my love and prayers all over her.)
But this is what it is like for a couple of moments after she coughs. Poor baby. :(
But big brother, Guapo, steps in to try to save the day by snuggling on her and sacrificing himself to her. (She loves to love on him!)
We all shower her with our love, and I even think her pacifiers are happy to provide comfort to her as well!

On a side note, I'm still wheezing as bad as I was last week. I don't feel as lethargic, but breathing is a little difficult, especially when I've been laughing a lot. I have some Advair to help me for the next 10 days. I can't imagine what running will be like when my air passages are finally cleared.

Heck, I'll be thankful when we're all healthy again. Closing for now to enjoy my laughing baby. She's wrestling with Daddy right now. Her laughter is the BEST medicine!

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The Steinman Squad said...

Poor Mari! I hope she's on the road to complete recovery faster than you could have anticipated! By the way - every picture I see of her, I'm reminded how beautiful she is. I love all her delicate, precious features on her face. She's like a little doll, she's so pretty!

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