Celebrating Don & Sias Track Meet

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What is this? A rare photo of me in front of the camera. And what is that mischievous look on my face...well, today I wanted to surprise Don. Most of us in this house aren't feeling up to snuff. I know you are probably tired of hearing me incessantly complain about our health. So instead of getting caught up on what is wrong, I wanted to focus on something wonderful: my husband. Reading up on Jenna and how she has expressed herself recently with her relationship with her husband inspired me to examine my very own beloved. We were a little more than disappointed with the turnout from his party (yet, were EXTREMELY grateful to our friends and family who could be there!). Plus, I felt bad because we had talked about the menu that morning and he mentioned that he wanted some crawfish and that wasn't anywhere near what I'd already gotten for the party. So today was the day I outwardly expressed my love and appreciation for him.
I enlisted the help of my fabulous Primo...
And he whipped up some sushi appetizer. Maguro sushi with jalapeno tuna rolls.
Followed by a mudbug jambalaya of sorts (even though Primo said it was far from being a jambalaya!). Those are crawfish. I LOATHE those "roaches of the sea." But we bought them from Capt'n Dave's along with the andouille sausage and tuna. Primo said I wouldn't have to worry about them. I screamed like a 9 year old girl and burst out into tears when I noticed that one had escaped and was crawling across the floor. (EEEEEEEEEEK!!!!! I'm getting the heebie jeebies thinking about it. ) Seriously, I nearly stepped on it, but Simon rescued it before throwing it in the scalding water. Having those crawly creatures willingly in the house is a HUGE sacrifice for me, but I knew that it would make Don happy! And it did!!

He was really surprised and loved it all. And for dessert, he had some lemoncello cake from Cheesecake Factory. Happy Birthday, Love! We can have a birthday month for you too! :D

(of course, while we were at Cheesecake Factory, I picked up some Linda's Fudge Cake. I wanted Primo to taste it so he could replicate it for my very own birthday.)

And I didn't have my camera with me during our Tuesday night Track night, but I wish I had. I have to brag. Mari nearly ran a half of a lap!!! Seriously, she ran a full 100 before sitting for half a second, then getting back up and going full speed again. She's a fast one, that little girl! Already hard core training. Maybe by the end of the summer she'll be running with us. I did make a mental note to make sure she wore her sneakers for the next time we go. This time she had on Crocs, which aren't as supportive as her sneakers will be. Hooray for family exercise!!

I think we're all going to sleep pretty good tonight, much better than we have in days.

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Will said...

I wish you guys feel better soon! I'm also glad Don got some crawfish, I know we were talking about it over the weekend. I would love to be at his bday party, but it does get kinda expensive. But hey, I'll take him out to dinner when he gets up here :)

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