Dining Al Fresco...with my friend Jose and about a hundred mosquitos as well

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Tonight Primo and Prima came over and we all enjoyed a delectable dinner. It was so nice outside that we decided to eat al fresco. Other than the mosquitoes that delightfully nibbled all up and down my legs, it was fabulous. (Yes, I burned an ample supply of citronella candles.) We had limon tacos with succulent beef, cabbage, and tomato, with arroz. Oh, and I can't forget the homemade margaritas. We squeezed 11 limes, infused them with simple syrup, followed by Patron Citronge and Jose Cuervo Platino. DELISH!!!

Here are the photos from our amazing evening:
While Primo made some HOT, HOT amazing salsa, I did rely on old trusty, Santa Fe medium salsa.
Happy Thursday! I'm so grateful to share a wonderful meal with family. I think sitting down for a family meal is a lost art, and should be treasured. I hope you all get to sit down to share a meal, even if it isn't around a formal table. :)

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