1st Communion

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Many of you know me in real life and those of you who are in near enough proximity know that I've been out of blogging commission because I've been sick. No swine flu here, but I have been feeling like death crawled into my belly and died. Blehhhh...

Anyway, this past weekend, we went to my niece's first communion and stepped in to act as her Godparents. We were very, very honored and happy to be a part of the day. I got up early that morning feeling all sorts of out of wonk, but I sucked it up and knew this was too important to miss. These photos were taken a few hours before my body took over and forced me to stay in bed. I've consumed mass quantities of Gatorade, Jello, and yummy broth! On the bright side, I've lost some weight that my clothes are fitting a little loose. Woohoo! This is just the jump start I needed before the work weight loss challenge. Get fit, stay fit! Yaaay!!! (is it me, or every time I read or type yaaay, I think of Animal from the Muppets? Can you picture it?) I love seeing First Communions and it makes me excited thinking about Mari's First Communion. I wonder what kind of dress she'll want. I wore a veil, white gloves, and this lacy dress that I remember being itchy. I didn't love the dress, but Mom loved it, so I wore it. I remember going to have my photo taken for it. Mom sent it to Grandma and she had all of her grandchildren's First Communion portraits lined up together. EVERY single one was serious, pious, then there was mine, smiling a thousand kinds of kool-aid! I never knew how to take a proper serious portrait. (Honestly, there only exists a small handful out there.)

I digress, enough of me, on with the lovelies! Here's my niece with one of her fellow first communicants. She's a tall gal, but her friend is also small too. Aren't they sooo cute?
They have this amazing fountain in their church's courtyard, and back when I would go to church with them more often, I always gave my nephew a coin to throw in the fountain, because it is a crime for a child to walk past a fountain without making a wish! On this day, I gave her a coin to throw as well. Isn't this a fun shot? Ada took it and I love the look on everyone's faces! I also love how happy Zeni is.
Afterwards, we headed to the luncheon. Mari was in love with the first communion doll. I can't believe how big she looks in this picture!
That's my girl! I loved how her hair turned out! So cute and curly!!

I'm still consuming excessive amounts of Jello and Gatorade. Although, I fear I'm losing the hydration battle. :( Poor Mari and Don have had this nasty cough too, so we're all a little over being sick. Here's to hoping that we're in top shape for the weekend. Not only Mother's Day weekend, but Don's birthday too!

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