Cheers to You Mr. Shirtless Blue Shorts Wonder!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hello friends! Some of you may remember that on Tuesday nights, we head on over to the track to log some running miles. Today was sprint workout day, so that means it was chock full of sucking air. Yes, I'm far from where I should be, but I'm closer than I thought I was. Plus, yesterdays wind and humidity was so fierce, that all of my little hairs were wildly blowing like tiny Medusa tendrils! Yikes! (I'm just happy that in my excitement and zippy running, I didn't have one single "accident," which has always been a problem for sprints. I have that situation under control for distance running, though! woohoo!)
Anyway, while the track was working me, I saw some of the regulars: Black shirt , redheaded lady, with OBAMA written across her chest in Swarovski crystals. (Who said you couldn't be glam while sweating...I mean glistening?) Then there's the black shorts twinkies, a couple of middle aged men who zoom around the track for a bit, throw on some shirts and walk around the school, only to return to the track to take off their shirts and do a few more laps before finishing up with stretches. I like to tell them "good job" and give them a thumbs up for their efforts. But yesterday, there was a new face (cue some old school Ray Charles "What I say")...
Dark haired, sunglass sportin' (even though it was so overcast, sunglasses were FAR from necessary), ipod wearing, bright blue shorts, with a tan so unnatural that Speidi would be jealous. He was doing his best to work that track. Sprints, shuttle drills, pushups, excessive heaving and huffing, more twists and turns, followed by old school leg stretches that I've only seen performed by professional sprinters and soccer players PRIOR to a workout, but whatever. Dude was out there and owning that track! My favorite part was when I would start to come up on him on my sprints and he would go a little faster to catch up to me. It made me go just a little faster for a little longer so I could "beat" him to the next line. Silly, I know, but it's good to have someone that competitive out there because it pushes you to your limits. Cheers to you Mr. Shirtless Blue Shorts Wonder...hopefully I'll see you next week!
And then I pulled up and decided to play with Mari and push Don with his workout. I was very proud of my MIL who not only went out there with us to walk, but she also got in a few sprints of her own! Then, Mari was a little wiggle worm, itching to get out of the jogger and get in her own sprint workout. Wouldn't you know, Little Miss ran an ENTIRE lap!! Yes, folks, her little legs moving at a fast pace, her arms pumping wildly, she was in charge, only distracted a few times by the grass, a discarded styrofoam cup, or the concrete sidewalk. But I was really proud of her. She wanted to go further, but we had to get going to head to the grocery store since it threatened rain. After we got back from the store, she passed out and slept straight through the night, completely uninterrupted despite the thunderstorms and the transformer down the street exploding! :)
Happy Wednesday!


chae said...

Well, helloooooooo there. Can I ask you about those shorts? OMG, he makes ma temperature rise!

Jeev said...

Now you have the secret formula to get her to sleep soundly!!

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