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Friday, February 29, 2008

Today is Friday and I was to meet my friend at Luby's for Fish Fridays. I got up, fed Mari, and dressed her. I was going to put her in a Tech outfit, but couldn't find one that would fit her. All of her Tech clothes are things for her to grow in, because she's not yet long enough. Anyway, she was surprisingly calm during her diaper change. When I dressed her with the first layer, she was still calm. But then, when I put the K-State outfit on her, she erupted in a fit of anger. I smiled. That's my girl! She much rather have red and black and purple and white. ha ha! Just kidding. She was so cute in her college apparel, I had to take a picture. He has her paci to calm her down. Oh, and I didn't have any purple socks, so I figured she might enjoy wearing her fuzzy butterfly shoes. Oh and notice the hands? That's what she does when she's attempting to calm herself.

After Luby's, we went to Academy so I could spend the gift card that my mom gave me for Christmas. I was looking forward to a new pair of running shoes. I found them and grabbed some socks. It was such a gorgeous day outside and I was already on this side of town, I figured, 'eh, I might as well hit up Arbor Hills. Mari was still sleeping, so why not. Well, instead of going to check out, I had to hit up the $2.88 clearance rack. Who doesn't like to get a deal on a piece of clothing, right? Well, she stirred awake and was ready to eat. Fortunately, I had the foresight to pump beforehand, so I had a bottle. I made my way back to the shoe section and sat on the bench to feed her. I received a few irritated stares, but I mostly got happy looks from other moms who were shopping. Well, after every feeding, I have to change her diaper, so this was my first diaper changing in public. It actually didn't go nearly as badly as I thought it would go. In reality, it was a breeze. She only fussed in the end. I dressed her and loaded everything back into the AWESOME diaper bag! We went to check out and I put my sneakers on and headed to Arbor Hills.

Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Tutu Roll
I absolutely LOVE my new diaper bag. This is totally a sidenote, but I had to give a flying rave for it. There's tons of space, I love the pockets and when it comes to diaper changes, the changing pad is so soft and comfortable for the baby. She doesn't mind it as much. I was so lucky to notice the MONSTER sale online that I learned from one of the message boards that I frequent. I'd had my eye on PPB bags ever since I first saw them at a local boutique shop. Of course, I couldn't stomach spending that amount. For that price, I was just going to buy a large Coach bag and convert it to a diaper bag. Well, again, because of the sale, I got this one and purchased a spare to have for when she's a toddler. The other one seems to be friendlier for sippy cups, bigger toys, and such. Anyway, back to Arbor Hills...
So like I said, I made it to Arbor Hills. I unloaded Mari and the stroller and we went for our walk. I had about an hour to finish my walk and get home before Don made it back. I was just going to do the 1.25 mile, but I my pace was fast enough that I decided to add the extra leg. Well, I was feeling REALLY great, so I busted out with a light trot. Figured I'd run for 5 minutes. Well, 5 minutes came and I was more than halfway through that part of the trail, so I said to myself that I may as well finish. I finished that mile and I felt GREAT!! I was sweaty, hot, and my heart pounding and I couldn't remember the last time that I felt that post-workout high. I had my super endorphins and I didn't realize how much I missed them until that moment. LOVED IT! I know I'm working out 3 weeks before I get the ok from my doctor, but I'm feeling good and I don't think that I'm overdoing it. C'mon, it was a 9 minute mile, I was hardly going at a fast pace, so I thought it was ok and every so much more beneficial to my body. I was quite surprised by how well the stoller held up when I was running. If I continue on these light jogs, then I think it won't be so bad.

I finished up the run and headed home to freshen up. Our friend Will was coming to town and we were going to hang out. Well, when he arrived, I fed Mari got her dressed and we headed to go vote. OMG...that was a horrible waiting experience that I will not revisit. Let's just say that it took nearly an hour and a half and I think that time would've been cut to half an hour had the initial volunteer checking voter registration cards/driver's licenses could type faster than1 word every 5 minutes. Yes, she was a hunt and pecker for the keys and she only used her right index finger to type each key. I couldn't help but be annoyed and laugh at the same time. We jetted over to Target and we were going to eat dinner at Fishmongers. I wasn't sure if we were going to make it in time before Mari had to eat again, but she seemed content so why not. I'd not prepared a bottle, so I was getting anxious. I bought some breast pads since I'd forgotten to put some in my bra. Didn't want any embarrassing leakage.
We make it to Fishmongers and Will and Don delight themselves in 2lbs of mud bugs. I still can't bring myself to eat them and I honestly think that I'm allergic to them. It's hit an miss. Sometimes I break into a rash and other times I'm fine. Hmm...anyway, we also indulged into some oysters. Oh my, how I missed them! I took my saltine cracker, spread a bit of horseradish, slid the oyster in the center of the bed of horseradish, and lightly doused it with some fiery red cajun sauce. YUM! Our food came out and right after I was full, Mari started stirring and I knew she was hungry. My body was responding to her crying and I just told Don that I'd meet him in the car. It was tricky to try to nurse her in the back seat. It just wasn't going to happen. I jumped to the front seat and balanced her on the arm rest. She latched on and was quite content to nurse in the car. At first she wasn't happy, but we made it work. Well, I know the Honda engineers didn't have nursing in mind when they designed the arm rest, but I'm so thankful it was there! Note to self, ALWAYS have a bottle on hand just in case.

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