Friday, February 1, 2008

I've been feeling mildly under the weather all week, but I just chalked it up to being restless and not having slept well. Plus, it doesn't help that the weather patterns keep shifting, cold, warm, really, really cold, rainy, sunny, windy, cold, warm, really warm. I just can't keep up. Since I live with perpetual sneezing, congestion, and other lovely allergy traits, I just chalked it up as an every day run-of-the mill feeling.

This morning was especially trying for me. My entire body ached and I really didn't want to get out of bed. I desperately wanted to call in and just sleep the day away. Even Don asking me if I felt ok didn't prompt an immediate "yes." I sort of grunted, relaxed, took a deep breath and knew I had to go in. He, on the otherhand, has been coughing and hacking for about a month. I gave him a hug bye and headed out for my day.

I had great hope knowing that I'd be bringing a bit of joy with all of the strawberry "love cake" cupcakes I was about distribute amongst my co-workers. Danika had come over the night before and helped me bake about 50 of them. The strawberry glaze/frosting was so delicious, it tasted like a yogurt milkshake. As far as the actual cupcakes themselves, well, they were simply delightful bits of heaven. Happy February! Made with loads of love and extra bits of strawberry, it was gonna be awesome! And it was.

Around mid-day I'd gotten an email from Don letting me know that he was feeling incredibly under the weather and he was uncertain if he was going to make it the entire day. This concerned me. My co-worker had the flu and his wife was feeling under the weather too. Another guy had an upper respiratory infection and could barely talk. My sister had recently gotten over the flu herself. I becmae worried. Around 2, he called me to let me know he'd gone home. He needed to see the doctor. We checked him into the CareNow clinic online and they called back to let him know that they could probably get him in about 3 hours. So he settled in for a short nap. I continued to finish up work and try to wrap things up in the event baby Mari wanted to make an appearance this weekend.

When I got home, I found my beloved curled in the fetus position on the air mattress. He'd quarantined himself in the spare bedroom/office so as to not infect me. He didn't have the flu or strep, so they figured he was suffering from an upper respiratory infection. I figured that's what it was, but I wasn't certain. I was happy that it wasn't something worse, but I knew we were in it for a long haul. If not treated properly, these things could become bronchitis, or worse, pneumonia. Not a good thing to have when you know you'll be delivering a baby soon. I needed him with me in that room, like I needed my sister in there. She'd gotten over her flu. I needed him to rest to get over this. I went to the store and loaded up on goods. Vicks steam for the humidifier, Vicks VapoRub, Excedrin for his massive headache, chamomile tea to calm him, lemons for a honey/lemon hot drink to massage his sore throat. He had his prescription expectorant, so now it was just a waiting game. I needed him to break that bit of fever and get back to normal. Hopefully, his aches and pains will be gone in the morning.
Bless his heart, I hope he's better. And as for me, well, I'm just tired. My feet are swollen, they really do look like elephant trunks. I've never retained this much water in my life! My poor toes don't even want to bend. I desperately want a pedicure to make it all better, or even an ice bath to reduce the swelling. I'm just gonna have to accept it and continue to elevate my feet.
On a much, much brighter note, my Godmother/cousin beat her cancer. The tests came back negative that she no longer had it. I breathed such a deep sigh of relief and joy. I was truly, very, very happy. I'm glad God answered all of our prayers. She is such an inspiration!
Happy early Groundhog Day!

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