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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

20 days old and still growing!

Sorry I've been out of commission lately. She's been putting herself into her own routine and I think I was acclimating better when she was sleeping for only 2 hours. The 3-4 hour mark is tough for me. It is just long enough for me to get into my deep, deep sleep, so waking up has become quite cumbersome. It's been three days, so I think I'm finally coming around. Plus, my mom visited us for a couple of days and it was a great visit. For those of you who live in the area, wasn't Monday gorgeous??? We heard it was 88 outside and we totally felt it. Camille and I went for a walk around the neighborhood. I took Mari out and kept the shade open on her stroller so she could get some sun. I think she really enjoyed it! Don has been such a great help and I'm so blessed to have him in this with me.


Last night was one of our toughest nights. We took my mom back to my daddy's hotel room so they could catch their plane today. Mari loves her Nana and something about my mom is always very, very calming to her. She's able to put her to sleep in a heartbeat. Anyway, we waited for my father to get to his room from his final session. She was sleeping soundly and then started fussing about 10 minutes after my dad got there. I rocked her and everything was fine. She was just fussy. Well, when we get home, she's fussy again. I nursed for 10 minutes and she was quiet for about 20 minutes and started fussing again. She was rooting. I didn't have any milk readily available so we thawed 3 oz. She ate every last drop of it! Guzzled it down. I was quite surprised, but I just figured she was really, really hungry and maybe going through a growth spurt. We burped her and I loved how she is always shocked when she lets out a really loud one! (hence the picure) It hit me that she may not be comfortable next time I nursed b/c I'd had a big plate of asparagus. Well, all was well for about an hour. Then she started to fuss again. I had no idea what was going on. Poor doll! Don seemed wide awake and at that point I'd totally lost my shine. He tagged me out and I took a quick nap. Well, it wasn't that much longer afterwards that I got up and she was still crying. It was after 1 and I didn't know what to do.l She seemed to be rooting again, so I nursed for another 11 minutes. I figured she'd settle in really good by then. Unfortunately, for the next 30 minutes she fussed and cried and scratched at me, herself, and in the air. My heart was breaking, my head was throbbing, my boobs were TOTALLY sore, and I just felt defeated. It was 2AM and we were both exhausted. Her poor belly was really hard and it hit me that she was probably gassy and couldn't get it out. Well, sure enough, she'd let out a ginormous thunder from her diaper and immediately passed out. I said a quick prayer (of thanks and hope that this was it) and just rocked her. Less than 15 minutes later, we passed out on the couch. I got up at 5 and nursed her and changed the diaper. It was crazy! Again, another feeding at8AM and 11. Both times she was so gassy and her diapers were the worst they'd ever been. I felt so sorry for her. No more asparagus for me or at least not that much. I finally have a moment to play catch up. It is nearly time for another feeding, then off to go run errands.

NEARLY 30 But in other exciting news, at least I think it is exciting...Don and I bought a new scale that not only does your weight, but measures body fat, hydration, and will let you log a goal weight. I programmed it and set it up for me. It allows you to store up to 5 different user's information. Anyway, I don't like to weigh myself and I actually haven't owned a scale...ever. The only time I weigh myself is at the gym or at the doctor office. I don't like weight, I much rather know my body fat percentage. Anyway, I got on the scale not expecting much. Well, I looked at the number and I was AMAZED. I've lost nearly 30 pounds!!! I've not even started my strength and cardio training. This makes me so hopeful and happy. I'm so glad to be within range of my pre-pregnancy weight. I think if I stay dedicated I could actually hit my ultimate target goal weight. I'll keep you posted. The only thing I've changed is that I'm not eating sweets. This has been really, really tough, but I think I can do it. I'm cutting out all sweets until my birthday. We'll see, I'll keep you updated on my progress.

Anyway, that's it! Take care! I'll post pics of her 3 week birthday tomorrow. Also, don't forget to early vote in Texas if you haven't done so already!

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