Super Bowl Surprise

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Wowza! No, no, we didn't go into early labor, but what a great game, huh? Yeah, it was kinda boring at first and really close, but I did love the game. I didn't think Eli had it in him, but I was rooting for him. I'm such a sucker for an underdog! Way to go Giants!

We had some wonderful friends come over to watch the game and we loaded up on so many yummies!! poor child, she's probably in sugar shock and carb overload. The queso, the guacamole, the corn, the pizza, the chips, the cake, the Hawaiian Punch, gotta love it! Glad my belly isn't screaming at me yet.

So, speaking of bellies, Mari did not make her grand entrance during the game. I did set up an email draft, as well as a text draft in the event we are on our way. It's ok that we didn't have any crazy action tonight. I still need to make copies of my birth plan and I really, really want one last minute 1 hour massage. I did get a pedicure just for her arrival. I have packed the snack bag and I'm wondering if I should take the polaroid camera with some polaroids just in case. Not sure, I'll still think about it. We do have the digital camera and the camcorder ready too. And cousin Simon has the magnum of champagne by the door, ready for us to chill when we head to the hospital.

And while I've been in denial, I have been nesting for the past 2 days. I did some serious laundry, cleaned the living areas, the bathrooms, the dining room, the kitchen, and the breakfast nook. Many, many, many thanks go out to Danika and Simon for helping me and tolerating my obsessive compulsion! And also for appreciating my weird craving for wanting to smell Pine-Sol (must be original scent!). The floors are mopped, the dishes cleaned, the food is put away and the laundry is prepped. I really want our bedroom to be in a better position, but the nursery is set and that's a good thing! Of course, she probably won't be in there when she comes home, but 'eh, we'll see.
Have a great night and a fantastic week! Happy early Chinese New Year, in the event that I'm unable to log in again.

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