Happy 2 Week Birthday!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Two weeks ago I gave birth to this darlin' babe. We've had quite an adventure so far. I've been given the opportunity to be with her for about 22 out of 24 hours during each day. I study her and have learned to decipher what each facial expression means. We're starting to know one another pretty good. Knock on wood, she's been doing a great job of latching on and I've even gone on 2 outings without a bottle! GASP!! Eeek, we're totally living on the edge, I know. I've not nursed in public, but I do have my cover up wrap in tow just in case.

Yesterday, was a VERY tough day. She just seemed really clingy and needy. I couldn't put her down otherwise she'd cry and cry. So I held her in my arms all day and resigned myself to the couch until my beloved came home. We did some napping, but I mostly got caught up on the phone calls I had to make. I only made 3 of the 7 I have on my list. It's a slow process and those who I care about know that I'm busy right now, so they understand the delay in my response. I also wrote a couple of thank you notes, so it wasn't a total bust of a day, but I was unable to get out of the house. When Don came home, I guess he recognized the look on my face and took the baby. I took a warm bath and a hot shower to relax. I love hanging with her, but it was rough and I needed a Calgon moment. I'm so lucky to have Don. He just took over and he's really getting a knack of this parenting thing. He had her swaddled tightly and had a bottle warming. When I got out of the shower, she'd been changed, fed, and was quietly napping. We indulged in some leftovers. When we went to bed, Mari and I actually gambled and slept with Don. We'd been spending our nights in the living room since I can control the light with a remote and when she refuses to go back to sleep we can play without disturbing her daddy. Anyway, I was able to sleep in the bed for a full 3 hours before she was ready for the next feeding.

After the 6AM feeding, we went back to the bed and joined Don until he had to get up to get ready for work. We both slept and I vaguely remembered Don kissing us goodbye. Roughly three hours later we awoke and lazied around. Danika came by. We were going to go walking, but the weather outside was too nasty. I suggested we do some indoor walking. I had to go to Costco and Kroger and her accompanying me would be a great help! By the time Danika arrived, Peggy Sue Got Married was nearly finished. I dressed Mari and had her hold her while I got ready. I fed her just before and she was content. We loaded up the car and headed to Costco. I got all of our goodies and finished up at Kroger. It was quite a bit colder outside than what I was expecting. Luckily, I'd bundled the baby up, so she was warm enough. I got home in time for the next feeding. I fed her and when I went to change her she'd exploded in her diaper. A not-so-quick change later and she was content again. I took a chance and put her in her rocker to see if I could get some stuff done.

Here she is bundled up and passed out. I moved the papasan walker to the kitchen so I could cook. Immediately, I loaded the dishwasher, cleaned all of her bottles and sterilized them. Then, I moved on to the fridge and tossed everything that was old or expired. I cleared out enough room in there and the freezer. All of the excess took up about 3/4 of a trash bag. I organized it all and rearranged everything so each thing would have a place. It felt great having an organized and clean fridge. It was so much easier to find everything.

Now to cook! I prepped 2 crockpot meals: pot roast and mushroom chicken. For the pot roast, I added roast, carrots, peas, chicken broth, and fingerling potatoes. In the mushroom chicken, I added 2 large chicken breast, sliced mushrooms, a can of cream of chicken soup, and a bit of chicken stock. I set both items to cook on low.

Meanwhile, I chopped up the rest of the potatoes and 1/2 an onion. I cooked up the potatoes and onion with a bit of kosher salt. That would be part of breakfast for tomorrow. After that, I cooked up the turkey meat and sausages. I combined them together and added some tomato basil marinara sauce. I cooked up some rotini pasta. After it was cooked, I put it in a casserole dish and topped it with Havarti cheese. I let it bake for 15 minutes so the cheese would be good and melted. MMM...and it was delish! That's what we had for dinner. We have lunch for this weekend and Don has a couple of lunches for next week. Yaaay! I even cleaned all of the dishes along the way and scrubbed the sink. I felt so productive and Mari slept through all of my clanging and chopping. By the time Don came home, dinner was ready, the kitchen was clean, and baby was ready to nurse again.

We got the first disk for Firefly, so we comfortably settled in to watch the entire thing through the night. It's a great night and I think Mari had a good day too.

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