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Saturday, March 1, 2008

On Saturday, Don told me that I had to get out of the house. I needed to get away for a few hours and have some "me" time. I was really nervous because this would be the longest I'd been away from Mari since she was born. I know I had to do it, but I still apprehensive. Lindsey and I had a full day planned and I couldn't wait!
First off, we went to Arbor Hills and walked the 2.25 loop. It was really refreshing and felt good to walk off the soreness I'd been feeling from the day before. It was like old times to walk and catch up with her. Plus, the weather outside was perfect.
Afterwards, we went to a consignment shop called Kid-to-Kid. We found some really great buys! I bought a couple of jean outfits and a really cute lime green jumper with brightly colored striped onesie under it. It is a 6 month outfit, and I can't wait to see her in it! Lindsey found some really cute onesies for little Hayden.
Then, we popped into Whole Foods so I could buy another starter pack of G Diapers for Mari. Yep, she's big enough to use them and so far no complaints. There's a bit of leakage on the sides, but it only gets on the liner part, not the actual outer part. They fit her pretty good. Our plumbing in the house is not up to par, so we aren't flushing the diapers. We're just tossing them in the trash. They are already breaking down when we toss them, so both Don and I feel like we're doing something good for the environment by using these. We still use the other diapers we were given as gifts. We primarily use these at night when we don't want to immediately wash the liners of the G diapers. She seems to like them and like I said, they really fit snugly! I'm going to write them to see if they have any tips for me to better load the liner.

We were getting hungry, so we headed on over to Chick-Fil-A before going to Sprint. My current fave is the 2 strip kids meal, with lemonade and fruit. It fills me up and is very delicious! Plus, I won't overdo it with the Honey Roasted BBQ Sauce! It's like a party for my mouth. Wahoo! Don enjoyed the lemonade so much that I bought a gallon of it to take home. Imagine my surprise when I later looked at the price of the gallon of lemonade: $8.35! Holy crap. That stuff is good, but not that good. Oh well, it was supposed to be a delightful surprise to Don as saying "thanks" for forcing me to get out. At this point, I wasn't missing the baby just yet. I was just happy to be out and about.

Well, then we went over to Sprint to see about getting Lindsey a new phone and possibly adding Don to my line. We were both pleasantly surprised when it worked out for us both. She got a snazzy new phone and Don was added to my existing plan and got himself a brand new toy too! He'd been eyeing the PDAs and hadn't quite settled on one. Will had recently gotten a Palm Centro and the only complaint he had were the keys were small, "but you get used to it." Don played with his briefly when he arrived on Friday and was sold. He knew he wanted to get one, we just weren't sure how we'd do it. Either online, via phone, or in the store. Well, when I was there, I got a pretty good family plan with a ton of amenities for us both. He has unlimited data, so he can surf the net to his heart's content.Plus, we have unlimited texts, so we can send out mass texts and not have to worry about being charged stupid fees as a result. The best part is that he doesn't have to worry about going over his minutes any more! Hooray! Lindsey had me send her a text and a picture so she could test her phone. Well, when I looked in my albums, I saw a picture of Mari and I got a bit choked up. I missed her. I hadn't been gone that long, but I just wanted to hold her in my arms. I could've called off the last errand, but no, I had to do this for myself, so off we went.

We then headed to Nails! Nails! to get the ultimate treat: the Baby's Butt Pedicure. I hadn't gone since before the baby arrived and my feet NEEDED it. Oh man, I was so happy. I even had a simple manicure to clean up the cuticles. The massaged and massaged and massaged all of the knots out. My feet felt like silk and my tired hands were refreshed! Ahhh...much, much better. Time to go home and pump because Mari hadn't nursed since the morning.
I get home and Don didn't stand up to greet me. He then told me that he tweaked his back muscle loading the baby into the car. He just twisted wrong and he wasn't sure how it happened. I felt bad for him and wasn't sure what to do. I rounded the corner and saw a surprise! He'd gone out and purchased the jogging stroller I'd been looking at! This was definitely a surprise! Especially because I didn't think we'd buy it until May or June. I was so happy, but looked at him like, what?? I thought we were going to wait to get it. He told me that when I told him I was jogging, he wanted me to have better equipment to do so and not just the regular stroller. He said I needed equipment designed for jogging, not just everyday use. I love this man! And I love that he "gets" my need for gadgets. This stroller is PIMP! It comes with the weather shield, the tires are real tires that need to be inflated, just like a bicycle, it has a built in odometer/spedometer, and the best thing is the pre-wired stereo system. I can plug in my ipod/CD player, any music device, and the sound comes out of the speakers that have been built in. LOVE IT!
That night, I went to an in-home party for greeting cards. The company is called CardScentz. These are embroidered cloth greeting cards, that have been scented. The incentive with these cards are to create a memory with your note instead of just tossing the greeting after you've read it. I bought a few of them to send to the grandparents. This was their inaugural party, so it felt good to be a part of their journey.
When we got home, cousin Simon created a delectable feast as our final dinner with Danika and her family. The food was so good and it was so nice to sit around the table and reminisce with good friends and a fabulous meal! It was an amazing day!

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